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​Mohd Ayan


Confidence is the key to success confidence. Some people are born with it. Some have to work for it and others do not know how to obtain it. It is something either one has or does not, but can always be accomplished our time. The question that many want answered it what can I do to gain confidence ? I have learned that confidence is hard  to achieve, but with friends, trust and time it can be reached. The denotation  of confidence is the belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities. Everybody is lacking confidence in something, not everyone is perfect, whether it be giving a speech in front of the class, competition in a large competition or accepting one’s appearance, people lack the confidence needed to enjoy life. Heln Keller said, “

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ”This quote is absolutely true because if one does not have confidence they can never achieve or go beyond what they want to do. Recently, I have struggle with confidence in one of the most important aspects of my life: volleyball with school work. I feel completely confident in my work but with volleyball it is different story. Lately, I have been displeased and uncomfortable with my performance. Instead of the ease that I used to play with after every mistake, I would get down on myself and not shake it off, like one should. It has been hard for me to find out how gain and reach confidence. Through serval talks from coaches and teammates. I finally believe that I am good enough.


Tushti Dangi


9months from now ,every soul on the mother earth was as busy as a bee . Starving for the triumph ,all the busy mind!Well said by someone ,"who could actually prophecy the future "."An unprecedented amount of of prognostication ",is what the throng believes ! A malady that no one had ever heard off .Corona ,a pandemic! It wasn't clear to all and sundry that was this disease ,a curable one . Lockdowns and quarantine is what the children of 20 th century encountered. Thousands of deaths ,the corpes of infected patients were sprawling across the roads .While I was experiencing such a circumstance ,I realised that it wasn't the time to get petrified or panic stricken rather it was the epoch in which I could embrace my core up ! Confidence was the accessory which I wore in this pandemic .I realised that to combat this prevailing complication ,we should have that 'Bhramastra' in our will .This disease was an unacknowledged barrier to intimidate our will but I perceived the truth that it was the time to fight back .I tossed my hair up , loosened up and raised my heard up like a squaddie .Me and my menage took proper preventions .We commenced our work of fighting the pandemic . Our fierce fighting continued,these nine months .My journey during this period was simply glamorous without being ostentatious about my believes and actions .My family helped my neighbours who were detected Corona postive .In each day of there quarantine ,we supplied them with the basic necessities .Now ,after that period of pathos ,I am withstanding !It's because of my confidence ,my will that I combated that cumbersome situation and still, I am !Always remember ,we will fail ! fail! and fail! and then rise as a phoenix to an extent that no disease or pandemic could ever stop us. Wishing all the people in this world a jovial ,safe and fearless life ahead !


Simranjot Kaur


Confidence means to trust in yourself. Confidence is nothing but self-belief in one's own abilities. It is difficult to feel confident, but it can only be developed by believing in one self and preparing one's mind. In order to feel confident, we should always spend our quality time in making ourselves perfect. Confidence makes one stick to his own thoughts, even if someone is making him feel down. No one has remote of our thoughts, we should be drivers on our own. Earlier I also used to feel down and thought I could not do anything. But, later realized if I keep my thoughts in my mind it will make me feel sad. As my inner-self [SOUL] will feel lonely . Confidence is a key to success. All great achievers have first worked hard, and this has only build confidence in them. Confidence is the most beautiful thing one can possess. Being confident is the best thing.


Anandita Chauhan


Confidence is that ultimate source of power which is not limited to an individual or society. It is that hidden energy without which even the greatest knowledge of universe is worthless and if it is within you than it is possible for you to win the whole world without any weapon. It is important to have confidence within yourself, some have it as a gift of god, while others are required to ignite it. I was not as lucky to possesse it by birth and so it was needed to be attained by me. Here I Will narrate how I achieved it. When I was in grade- 1, School authorities decided to have an enactment of "Ramayama",a holy Hindu text wrtten by Tulsidasa, on the occasion of Dipawali, the greatest of all Hindu festivals. And I was asked by my teacher to participate as a "narrator". As it would be national holiday and a non- instructional day at school, not only the students but the parents, teachers and whole of the school staff would be present to watch the show, Well that was when there were goosebumps all over my body and butterfies in my stomach. Speaking in front of such a big gathering and that too for almost an hour. I wasn't ready at all. I decided to ask my teacher to excuse me this time and told my parents the same. They were really upset and worried about my situation. They thought a bit and said something which helped me that day and I will never forget - "You lack confidence to do this task, i e your lack belief in yourself. Accepted. But if you believe in us, your teacher and our faith, then please don't backout and push yourself to that side." I was really inspired and surprised to hear these word. I don't know from where that energy came amd drove me to the end. That day, that applaud, that crowd all is still close to my heart and everytime I achieve something I remember this moment. I don't know if I was able to understand the mening of what my parents told me, but that was my real strength for dealing with the situation.


Sanskriti Khattry 

The Dance Performance - Confidence

I am here to share a small incident of my life which taught me to always have confidence in what I do. I had started taking Kathak dance classes when I was 5, I absolutely loved dancing and learning it. My elder cousin also used to attend the same class. Once I was the age of 6 years, I was old enough to participate in the annual dance show. I had heard a lot about it and was very excited that I could be a part of it. Soon, the practice sessions for the show had started, and as usual I was thoroughly enjoying it. Our dance teacher while choreographing the first dance told me that I would enter first on the stage and the others would follow as I was the youngest of them all. I was thrilled by the sound of that. We had practiced the entire dance rigorously, my cousin and I revised it at our houses together as well, I was as prepared as one could be and was very sure that I would nail the performance. The next week instead of going to our regular classes the teacher informed us to meet at the performance hall, all the students along with me were enliven to see the hall. Once I reached their I was amazed at the sight of it. The stage was huge! But the audience seats were empty. My teacher soon explained us that we were attending a rehearsal we all got into the side wings as instructed. As soon as the music played we all followed the steps, it went uninterrupted and fluently. The Final Show was only 2 days away! I spent the next two days practicing the dance from top to bottom. Finally, the day was here, my mother got me dressed up and ready, we went to the hall and entered via the back gate. I could hear whispers from the audience. It seemed like there were a ton of them. Then, as practiced in the rehearsal we went to our assigned wings, I was first in line so I took a little peek to check if my parents were sitting there or not, I sure did see my parents but along with that I also saw a ton of other people who were eagerly waiting for the show to start. After looking at that I had become really nervous, I started asking myself questions, whether I’d be good enough or not, I told my cousin about it and thought that she could help me as she had done this before. She told me to not think about what others will think and just dance like I always do, that I just have to be confident in myself. The music started, I had no more time, I took a deep breath and gracefully just went onto the stage and started dancing. The whole show went flawlessly and everybody enjoyed it. After that, whenever I felt that I needed some confidence, I just remember this incident and enjoy the time.


Nilaksh Singla


The college fashion show was about to begin. Seeing the pandemonium in the green room, the excitement among the anchors, the temper in the audience, anyone would make out that this was the most awaited event of the college annual fest. But deep in the corner, Sana, a shy, petite, fresh into this world, first year student was readying herself. The sponsor’s representative thrust a costume into her hand. She had gathered immense courage and it took a real effort on her part just to give her name for the competition. Throughout her school days, she was known as the studious and disciplined pupil of the class. She hardly had any friends, never participated in any school event, except of course the quiz competition. Shy Sana would not even come out of her room to join the guests. Standing there in the green room, only one thought crossed her mind - “ Why did I do it , I don't want to go on the stage. I can't. Someone please replace me. O God ! Help !” All this while, she was busy dressing up, putting on the clothes and jewellery and giving fine touches to the makeup. It's time to line up for the show, came one of the volunteers. Savina’s heart was thumping, palms were wet with sweat, mouth was dry and legs seemed so numb and lifeless. The show began, one, two, three……Savina began walking, all her inhibilous evaporated with heat of her confidence and attitude. “ Just be your natural self, like you are at home, swinging to even the weirdest music, dancing out your heart”, echoed her grandmother’s words. As she walked down the stage, something buckled under heel, and she tripped, coming down to her knee. But doesnt matter, a quick thought in her mind. To hell with it ! I don't care ! I have to do it today !! She stood up and caught up to her position, dancing and swirling to the blasting music, right upto the end of the ramp. Her smile was captivating. Her eyes were glowing, her attitude and confidence was unbeatable. The audience had to give her a standing ovation.


Saaleha Khan


Being a student I daily listen to the word confidence. According to me it is freedom from doubt. It cannot be taught. It is something we develop internally by ourselves. Confidence is very useful and important to achieve goals and fulfill our wishes. Success comes to those who have belief in their abilities and a confident person is independent, eager, optimistic, loving and positive by nature. The perspective that I have written above is totally based on my experiences. During my primary school days, I was an introvert person and I had many doubts in my mind, but always thought whether my questions are appropriate an what will my classmates think. But my friends asked questions and not at all payed attention towards what their classmates thought. This is one of my best life lesson as my friends helped me to overcome my introversion. I saw that the confident and bashful students were favourite students of my teachers. One day a teacher came to my class and told us that we would be having a Declamation Competition. I built up my confidence and learned a speech . I had full confidence in myself an I came first in my class. My teacher gave me a gift and I was really surprised. Another instance was that I gave an admission test for Bhavan Vidyalaya ,Panchkula. I had the confidence in myself and I cleared the exam. The instances above really helped me to build my confidence. According to me the only way to build confidence is by taking up challenges and they only helped me to discover the sleeping lion of confidence inside me. Keep on learning to achieve confidence. Learn from your past experiences. Confidence is not built in one day. Believe in yourself and keep trying.


 Shreshtha Saini

Identifying the triggers

Being confident means being full of conviction. Entering adolescence might be thrilling for some and might not be for some . I was in the second category . Major changes taking place during adolescence are physical and cognitive. One amongst the physical changes taking place is acne breakouts in both the genders . It might not be an issue for adolescent boys but girls are often worried about it. I was usually disturbed by them. Appearance of even a small breakout on my face panicked me. There was a constant thought in my mind about what my friends would think about it ? How would they react? How my relationships would be affected by it? This mere thought was a source of frustration and made me insecure. With frustration comes anxiety which leads to lack of confidence. I was constantly mocked by the people I never expected to say such mean things to me . I did feel low , depressed and mental breakdowns were the daily unwanted guests. All of this only continued until I let it all out and started confronting the people who mocked me. Now the scenario is not the same , a lot has changed as I am completely assured of myself and my abilities. It gives me the courage to take risks and accomplish great things . But it didn’t came to me easily. It’s my will power which kept me strong throughout and triggered my confident self. I have understood a simple yet powerful theory that one can break you only when you let them ! I am not insecure about my skin anymore because there’s a lot to conquer and if I’ll keep whining over little things , I won’t be able to achieve what I want . I have acknowledged the fact that I am quite capable to deal with what comes in my way now .


Vedika Dora

Bringing my confidence back

"It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.", Says Oprah Winfrey. For me, this thought became meaningful two years back. Earlier, I actively participated in all the school activities. I used to live happy and a less tensed life. But when I entered my senior classes, I started to lose confidence and became an introvert. I hardly participated in academics and co-curriculars. I saw a difference in my grades. Though I was able to improve my grades. But Then I observed that this change wasn't beneficial for me at all. I was wasting all my capabilities. I questioned myself that why am I losing confidence? Is this because I underestimate my capacities and people think that I can't do anything? I found the answer to be- Yes. I decided to change this perception. I felt that only because of somebody else's opinion, my life should not be affected. I tried to show active participation in every task at school. I tried new things that gave me confidence. Then, my school also offered me to deliver a speech at an all principal orientation. That day I felt that if you feel how worthy you are, the world will follow you. From that day, I got numerous opportunities where confidence helped me. This change was necessary for me, so that I could know all the talent that's hidden deep. We all are like birds. Unless and until we gather the will power and determination from the inside, we cannot fly. But once we muster up the courage, then nothing can stop us to touch the heights of the sky. People are like spectators. If you fall, they will laugh. But if you rise, same people will appreciate you.


Harshita Bohra


"You look short for your age." I have heard this compliment for ages and from almost everyone. Every human soul told me that I am short as if I they are the first one to tell me. From pre primary till 10th standard I have stood in the first row during assembly. (Due to covid, schools were closed so I never got the oppurtunity to stand in first row during assembly in 11th standard.) I am an ambivert but when everybody teased me for my height, I became more reserved. I tried hard to increase my height. Googling different methods, doing exercises, eating healthy and what not. But everything in vain. Both my parents have mediuocre height so genes became a obstacle for me. I grew more and more despondent. I stopped socializing due to my fear. I do not share my problems with anyone not even my parents or best friends. I have a habit of supressing my frustation and anguish. I used to cry a lot. I was overwhelmed with fears and frustation. One fine day, I was playing with my friends and a boy whom I know comes up to me and tells me that I should go play with playschool children as I look of their age. Something snapped inside me. But this time I didn't retreat. I gave him a savage reply. I told him that he should first look at himself before giving compliments to others and that he should stay at home beacause he so skinny that one blow of wind would carry him away. He just stared at me after listening to my reply and then walked away. That day I realised that the problem of my fears and anxiety was that I was scared to face my reality. If I gave a precise reply to everyone who teases me then nobody would ever dare to mock me again. I gained new self confidence that day and thank my lucky stars for that. I have learnt to belive in myself and not to give a shit about what others think about you. You are perfect just the way you are.

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