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Arya Khokhar


It was quite a happy feeling when I initially heard that schools will be closed due to COVID-19 and studies will be asynchronous and not be graded. 

That feeling did not last long! I felt like I was on house arrest because I couldn't  go out. I missed being around my friends, but I could still go through my days with little or more emotional tantrum. I was hanging all right even when the new school season started with distance learning but things started to get really stressfully when I  found distance learning and  online testing really hard. My grades started to fall, I got more stressed which lead more poor performance in tests. I knew the stuff but just couldn't put it together. I went into the spiral. I  was stressed and sad. I didn’t want to fall behind, especially because it’s one of the most important years in my education. I was so concerned, that even though I was hesitated, shy and scared I still talked  to my parents which then become a family discussion on how we can overcome the damage and how we can start making progress.Things are still hard  but now with support of my family I am not stressed and I am making progress. 


Umang Singh

The lasting shadow of COVID-19 

 I can still recall my memories of me watching the news of this latest epidemic latching on the globe and getting more and more common as days passed, news of infected people flooding the news channels. This reflected the seriousness of this situation, there was a surreal feeling in the atmosphere. We were all burned together by the Covid 19 virus "flame," but soon we became more and more numb to the damage. This pandemic has given people the ability to discover their internal self and as everything has a positive and a negative side, this virus gave people a break from the long rivalry marathon they've been running all along ........ to sit and analyse what's essential, to appreciate Existence.


COVID-19 Impact

Arsh Sharma

The world today is facing a pandemic caused by a virus called Corona virus. This virus started from China and has eventually spread to the entire world. Being a contagious virus, many countries throughout the world imposed lock-downs in their countries. Factories, schools, colleges, cinema halls, malls, gyms and other places of public interest were shut so as to check its spread, me and my friends were all happy in the beginning but we didn't expect it to continue till date. In lock-down, I played indoor games like Chess and Carrom and watched epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Meanwhile I myself got infected with the Corona virus! The day my report came out to be positive, I was surprised and at the same time very sad as I had never expected this to happen. My brother and grand parents were also positive, but at this time my father and mother gathered courage and told us that there was nothing to worry about and that we all would be fine very soon and that the recovery rate was quite high. This initiated a wave of confidence in us. From that day we isolated ourselves for 15 days as recommended by our doctor and we all emerged fine with God’s grace. Another impact made by the Corona virus is that the entire education has gone online this time and one can study from the comfort of one’s home but in the starting I was very comfortable as I could attend school while at home but now all those school days are immensely missed by me and my friends. Our learning has not suffered due to the quality of education our school provides. This pandemic taught all of us that problems do come but how we overcome is our real strength.


Jaya Sharma


Riddhi Mertia

Fear of Examination 

If you regularly become excessively nervous before or during an important exam, you may have “testophobia”. It is mostly called “examinophobia” or “exam fever”. It is a very common phenomenon among students especially when an important examination is at their door step.... Whosoever has said high school is the best time of your life is right. Friends, teachers, first crush, cultural and sports activities — there is so much to cherish about. Even if there are bad memories, you cannot forget school in your lifetime. But before we have the luxury of mourning the loss of friends, there remains the task of taming that bull, euphemistically called — the Class 10 CBSE Board exams — one of the most important examinations in life of any high school student. You will realize that fear also has priorities. So while we are all scared of stepping out of school, we are even more scared at the idea of having to stay back.



Roshni Sood

From nowhere but yes from China came a virus causing a very serious disease, 'Covid-19'. At first when it had just started to spread and the lockdown began, for a week or two everyone was happy since they got some time to spend with their families. But the twist came when this lockdown turned into a house arrest after a while and it just continued endlessly. Sorry, it is continuing even now for school going sweet children like me. Well, it didn't matter at first if we study online or offline, but now it is bothering a lot, at least to me. After a month of lockdown, I started fearing about my studies and also wondering that when will I get to meet my teachers and my dear friends because it was the first time for me in my life to go through all this, pressure of just wearing a mask, sanitizing hands and not touching anything when ever I went outside was itself quite irritating and created a sense of fear inside me. I feared that what if I lost touch with my friends as most of them might change their schools the next year. I feared what if I get Covid. The first five to six months of me being in lockdown was just an extra dose of fear, fear and fear with endless what if-what if. but then one day I just sat alone, idle, thinking about the current Covid situation and about me myself and the fears that I had. I thought mindfully for about 5 minutes and then came up to a conclusion that this fear is not going to help me or anyone else rather it will just make me feel anxious. And at the end I can say only one simple thing that I experienced, that positive attitude is what helps one to grow past such difficult times like Covid.



Abhiraj Kumar

It was end of March when exams were over and my bua (aunt) and my cousin sister had come to meet and stay with us. They generally stayed for one week but this one was a little longer. I would rather say more than longer. It was beginning of holidays and we had only heard of corona but it suddenly spread so much; and people were not serious about it. After few days, lockdown was announced of twenty one days. My aunt and sister had to stay here. This meant they could live with us a little longer. We played most of the days no work and studies to do. Twenty one days passed. then popped out another lockdown. This didn’t had an end. April started. Teachers started sending assignments. After nearly ten days online classes started. Now we all: me, my sister and my cousin sister had to do online classes which meant three gadgets I did on laptop, my sister on first floor TV and cousin sister on ground floor TV. We started getting loads of work. Then books also became available. We all stayed together in fun but, they had to go back as my uncle was alone. So we asked someone who can lend us a pass to go. But it wasn’t available. So the outcome was that my father will go half way and my uncle would take my aunt from there. So on Sunday my aunt packed up there bags to go. They boarded on car. After one hour of travel, they got news that my uncle’s car stopped suddenly and now it was not working. My aunt again came back. Two weeks passed. This was again attempted. This time they successfully reached their home. This was an memorable experience in corona pandemic periods



Yukti Narotra

Fear is a terrible sensation, one we never, ever want to feel. How lucky we are to live in a time and place where it’s so often possible to avoid the things that scare us most: violence ,disease, natural disaster, dangerous animal and at least until the very end death instead ,we get to sit around on our widening behinds watching television shows about violence, disease, natural disaster, dangerous animal and death. Today I am going to share a story of mine about fears in front of you. A long time ago when I was 10 years old. I use to go to school with full confidence and joy. One day as soon as I entered my class, one teacher came and made announcement in such a loud voice that it forced me to listen, only to her in that chaos. She said that if anybody interested to participate in the assembly of forth class can stand up. Half of my class stood up for participating in the assembly. I seeing the strength of interested students not interested students. I decided to go with the majority of interested students. Mam wrote my name and gave me topic (amazing fact). I was very excited to speak on this topic. As soon as school got over I ran towards my home. I threw my bag on bed and told mom to tell me about this topic. She explained me everything from start to end. I selected 5 amazing facts from a book and was learning them till 9:00 o’clock of night. The next morning I went to school and was standing backstage. I suddenly started felling scary and afcourse nervous but I didn’t know what is happening. When my name was called I hesitated in speaking, everyone laughed on me and mam called me backstage , gave my amazing facts to another child on the spot and took me to another room, I cried very much but at last I asked mam what is this feeling called. She replied very sweetly and said this is called stage fear. I didn’t understand but I said ok to her and went to home. I narrated whole story In front of my mom and asked what is stage fear she told everything about this to me and promised her to overcome this fear. After that day I daily started speaking a speech in front of my whole family. Days past and one day same happened again but this time when I was called on stage I was surprised to know that, that feeling which came previous was not this time and I spoke my topic on stage with full confidence and was not hesitated, everyone clapped this time for me and this is how I overcome my stage fear. At last would like to say that ‘too many of us are not living our dreams because we are not living are fears Thank you


Touching the COVID


Parv Goyal

The Unlock 1, after the lock down due to spread of corona virus gave me and my family and my friends a lot of relief. Because of the lock down we all were bored and could hardly do anything in entire day at home and when unlock was announced we were extremely happy. After a short period of two weeks after unlock I with my friends planned a meet. We all were hungry to meet each other. We were only three friends and decided to do cycling together, which would serve many functions. Firstly we were able to pour out our heart to each other, meeting face to face. We were also able to do physical exercise which was not possible during lock down. We all did cycling with all precautions. We wore mask, carried sanitizers and didn’t touch anything outside. We continued to do cycling for almost three weeks safely and enjoying each other’s presence. Then our class test started and we were not able to do cycling for almost ten days. After the tests were over I called up my friend to resume our previous routine. One out of the two friends was ready to come but the other one refused to cycle. We both were really shocked to hear that he was Covid positive. This was a big setback to both of us and our families. He told that his brother was going to office and he got Covid positive which was later spread among his entire family. I was really worried about myself and my family because it was only 10 days back that we met and played. I was in a fear that I could also be Covid positive and from me it would spread among my entire family. Till that time I didn’t had any symptoms but I do not want to take any risk so I decided to quarantine myself in my room. I drank hot tea and boiled water with herbs to build my immunity. I constantly did a temperature check in order to detect the fever but it was normal. I did not had any fever even after ten days of my friend getting positive but still I continued my quarantine in order to remain on safer side. Only a short wait of four days was left as Covid takes fourteen days to show its presence and if within fourteen to fifteen days no symptoms of the virus are detected then the person is Covid negative and safe. And this was the case for me and my friend we both had no symptoms even after twenty days and we were negative. Our friend, who had acquired the virus, was also almost recovered. He told us that the virus feels like normal fever but it is not. It adversely affected his immunity and he had an acute pain in his full body. But after a long wait of one month he recovered completely and came back to normal condition. Then we all decide not to go out and realized that it is very risky for any person as anyone can acquire the virus and then had to live alone. It is safe to stay home, so STAY HOME STAY SAFE.

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