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Rayna Garg

COVID-19 Impact

This Covid-19 crisis has taught us many things like how we destroy nature and how nature reverts back. How humanity is there in all of us and that kindness still prevails and so I have a learnt a lot many lessons from this period. Surrounded by four walls , we were limited to them in past 5 months. This period changed everybody’s life. During this lockdown we were able to grasp the opportunity to stay connected with our family , as well as with our kin and kiths virtually. In this period we all have gained a lot of golden memories and so have l that are unforgettable and will retain with us forever. This crisis also reminded us of our personal hygiene and cleanliness. Lockdown lifestyle has taught me to appreciate the small things in life. l spent quality time with my family playing many games to entertain and refresh when cinemas were locked . We all saw many movies on television and other online apps it was fun to entertain myself in different way.There were new ways of learning through online classes. However experiencing the lockdown life I realised the importance of social interactions . Sometimes while gazing out of the window I used to see those deserted roads were it used to be hustle and bustle. This pandemic give me plenty of time to concentrate on those things which I used to neglect, I also had fun learning new skills like solving a Rubik’s Cube. In this time some nasty things also happened like I was stunned when I heard that my maternal grandmother and grandfather were suffering from this dreadful disease CORONA . But they emerged victorious and had defeated this disease. The most disheartening thing that happened was when l lost my dearest grandpa. We enjoyed together playing and talking and miss those days . This was how Covid 19 left a deep impact on my life.


Bhavin Ahuja

COVID-19 Fear

 " Fear doesn't shuts you down; it wakes you up. " This is the time of epidemic in which people were dying less from corona but more from the fear of it. Everyone was stressed as corona was new and gradually everyone defeated their fears. If you are afraid of something or you are very stressed it can affect your health, changing in time of sleep or in eating patterns, difficulties in sleeping or concentrating, can affect your internal health; means your internal organs and it also causes increase in use of tobacco, alcohol and other bad substances. Gradually people learnt how to manage themselves and their families. They overcome their fears by not letting corona destroy everyone's life. This corona virus came from where ??? This question is Very important . We all have pulluted Earth, harmed it and destroyed it and this is why it in return have us this virus. " Earth is round and everything comes back to you from where it was started. " Fear is something that can be defeated by changing God's name instead of using tobacco and alcohol. Try helping everyone and serving everyone, it will help the world making ita better place to live in.


Harshika Goel

COVID-19 Impact

Covid-19, a minacious disease is spreading expeditiously having immense impact all over the world.The whole world is suffering a lot because of this disastrous disease.But behind this difficulty everyone is having aspiration that one day we will be able to vanquish covid-19.Everyone is sitting at home and scuffling against corona.Teachers are conscientious and they are working hard all day and formulating notes for us to assimilate and arranging online classes also.Undoubtedly, everyone may have suffered from one or the other incidents during lockdown.Like everyone, I also had an unfortunate occurrence during lockdown. In the warm month of June,one day when we were having our English class,instantaneously I started feeling tired and drowsy and my head started throbbing. My head was aching so much that I thought as if some construction work is going on inside my head. But I thought that it is just an indicator of lethargy and sleepiness as I slept late last night because I was studying. I anticipated that it will be better after some time but on the contrary my headache increased. This headache was enough alone to annoy me.But soon,I also started coughing.After all my classes were over, I apprised my parents about my plight.But after hearing to what my parents said, I was stunned.They thought that I may have a bit viral. These days if a person sneezes also, then everyone create trepidation that he/she is having corona virus. So, how can anyone expect me not to be in shock after hearing that I may have viral.I conceptualized that now everyone together in a group will proclaim me as a Corona positive case.I was feeling a bit uncomfortable but I determined not to think about such idiotic things.I also decided not to despair and overcome the viral quickly.My parents looked after me for many days and alloted me whatever I needed. After 2-3 weeks,I was in a normal condition attending online classes with same enthusiasm and energy.


Roshni Sood


From nowhere but yes from China came a virus causing a very serious disease, 'Covid-19'. At first when it had just started to spread and the lockdown began, for a week or two everyone was happy since they got some time to spend with their families. But the twist came when this lockdown turned into a house arrest after a while and it just continued endlessly. Sorry, it is continuing even now for school going sweet children like me. Well, it didn't matter at first if we study online or offline, but now it is bothering a lot, at least to me. After a month of lockdown, I started fearing about my studies and also wondering that when will I get to meet my teachers and my dear friends because it was the first time for me in my life to go through all this, pressure of just wearing a mask, sanitizing hands and not touching anything when ever I went outside was itself quite irritating and created a sense of fear inside me. I feared that what if I lost touch with my friends as most of them might change their schools the next year. I feared what if I get Covid. The first five to six months of me being in lockdown was just an extra dose of fear, fear and fear with endless what if-what if. but then one day I just sat alone, idle, thinking about the current Covid situation and about me myself and the fears that I had. I thought mindfully for about 5 minutes and then came up to a conclusion that this fear is not going to help me or anyone else rather it will just make me feel anxious. And at the end I can say only one simple thing that I experienced, that positive attitude is what helps one to grow past such difficult times like Covid.

Satyam Gupta {bhavan vidyalaya panchkula

Satyam Gupta


The Covid-19 pandemic in India is part of the worldwide pandemic of corona-virus disease 2019 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The first case In India, which originated from China, was reported on 30th January 2020. India currently has the largest number of confirmed cases in Asia and has the 2nd largest number of confirmed cases in the world. After the final exams of class 7th , I was very happy and relaxed. After some days I heard the news of Covid – 19 in other countries and causing many deaths. First of all there was a Janata Curfew On 22nd March. Our honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi requested us to bang utensils and clap loudly on our terrace to encourage our Covid warriors. On 24th march we heard the news of 21 days lockdown by our honourable Prime Minister. It was a very depressed full news. My mother started writing a big list of grocery item for which I and my father rushed to the grocery shop. There was too much rush in the shop. After so many hours we purchased only some items. It was very difficult time to survive 21 days by not going out to play and by not meeting my friends for so long, but I kept patience. It was really a difficult time for poor and for daily wageworkers. My parents are doctor and they have their own hospital. I was too happy to see my parents giving free medicines and grocery kits to needed people. I felt very sorrow for the labour who were from other states going to their home on foot with their luggage. On 5th April our honourable Prime Minister requested us to switch off all the lights and burn candles and diyas on our terrace in thought that the darkness of corona virus would be destroyed by the light of wisdom and togetherness. The lockdown continues and I enjoyed a lot playing games like ludo, tambola etc… with my joint family. A bad period started in my family. First of all, my maternal uncle got corona positive and after that my maternal grandmother. All members were in tension but they fought with virus and got fit. After a week my father got fever only for 1 day and his report was also negative but still he quarantine himself for 21 days because he don’t want to take risk with us. I was very upset. He attended his patients on call. After 21 days of quarantine I was very happy and started playing with him. Still the virus is not controlled and the vaccine is not made so we all should stay calm and should follow the precautions like wearing mask, using sanitizer, social distancing etc… I wish that the virus should be controlled and vaccine should be made soon.


Story of COVID 19 !

Ishnoor Kalra

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a tremendous loss of human life worldwide. Many people were at a risk of falling into extreme poverty. Many school going students have gone through phase of stress and were more anxious and depressed during the initial outbreak of COVID-19,than they were during similar time-frames in previous academic years. For those like myself, online learning in the starting was one of the least-appealing methods of learning, and the very starting it was really a adjustment for me. Few things that my parents and I learnt for my academics are that- we should always plan and prepare for our classes. Even if few children aren't able to prepare themselves for classes in advance, always ensure that one should regularly attend the tutorials and listen to lectures. The second most vital thing to look up to is our physical health-the mandatory thing in the quarantine is to safeguard our health and one has to be also mentally well, children can also do 15 minutes meditation to relax their mind for the whole day. Going to bed at the early hours in the morning will not only affect our physical condition but also our studies. Apart from that, most of the people have started behaving as if the new normal is nothing but the normal that we have always known. More and more people have started moving out and many are unapologetic about not wearing masks anymore. One of my family member my CHACHU was having the symptoms of COVID-19 in the starting of september and end of august. My chachu got himself diagnosed and he was POSITIVE. It was a very tough time for us and also a moment of sadness. We didn't knew from where it was.The doctors recommended and also it was very much important for us to get ourselves tested too. The next day our corona reports came and by gods grace it was NEGATIVE. We isolated him for the next 2 weeks, being sad wasn't the solution, we overcame it by being more alert and taking more safety health measures for the next time. His daily meals were kept outside his room. He used to wash his own clothes himself, and did whatever he could at his comfort zone. However, he was feeling very lonely and needed a human company. We members of the family used to do video calls, had dinner together on face times , play games like ludo etc. We were told to have multi vitamins, kadhas and alot other medicines. It was a tough time for my family, me and my mother had fever for 2 days- throat ache, laziness, feeling drowsy, but it was due to season change. We learnt a lesson that we need to be more alert next time have vitamins, eat healthy stay hydrated.


Parisha Kundu

My story of COVID 19 !

This pandemic experience wasn’t an easy one for us. And it certainly wasn’t for many families out there. But here I am going to tell my families experience and struggle with COVID-19. So here it goes. My family consists of my mother, father, younger brother and me. Both my parents are working. My dad as a scientist never really lived with us. Right now he is posted to Karnal district. My mom always worked here at Panchkula and we were bring up here only. So in a way she was a single mother. She brought my brother and me alone while working too. This kinda had some effects on her physical health. We rarely saw our dad . This was how things were and we were okay with them. But this year was different. When we got the news that the schools were shut down and we had our online classes started our first decision was to go to Karnal to spend time with our dad. But then got the news that she had to still show up on her work. That complicated things more. So she decided to go to Panchkula every week and return every weekend. Things were fine until she got tested for corona virus. That was the turning point of everything. She came here and immediately quarantined herself. She on the room above us and we all below. Things were quite tough for that phase. My mom had a terrible physical health and was often sick and we were worried for her. For a kid with terrible lungs the virus was extremely dangerous for me.we all were worried sick. But to everybody’s astonishment neither did my brother and me catch the virus neither did my moms situation got that terrible. We all were so relieved and lucky for that. It is not confirmed but maybe I was an asymptomatic Covid positive person .But luckily we all are safe and sound right now. My family fought this virus and we continue to the rest of the time this virus decides to stay.The only thing we all have to do is practise all the safety protocols and quarantine if you suspect you might be covid positive. We all need to break the chain.


Riya Gilhotra


Human life was going on smoothy but in the month of March, when I was eagerly waiting for my finals result.I got the information that it would be declared online because there was a lockdown in the whole country due to the outbreak of coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China. Day by day COVID cases were increasing and as a result  school did open. Online classes were going to be started and day by day, I was becoming familiar with the digital platform and finally become comfortable with it. As my parents were also doing work from home then I thought it was very nice staying at home and spending time with the family but later I realized that it was rather very boring without going to school and I was missing all the teachers and friends. And now I am fed of this virus as it has been such a long time  I am caged up inside my house. NO school, NO outings, but what I really feel is that coronavirus is a been for all humans as it is the note of God to make us realize of our mistakes that if we destroy nature, nature will also destroy us. And the lesson I have learned is that we should start preserving our Mother Earth for a greener environment as it the most precious gift of God.


Anshaditya Sharma

Pandemic Experience

During the pandemic we all had different experiences. Mine was kind of intermingled. In the lock down I was trapped in my residence had to attend online classes, and life was getting boring but there was a good side too, I enjoyed being with my family and played many different board games. But this outbreak had found a way to reach me and my family. One day me and my brother started feeling breathlessness and our parents also weren't feeling well lately so we had quarantined ourselves. We took our medicines on time and we took rest. After a week or so we decided to have us tested for COVID-19. And after some days when we got the report I was surprised. The report said that we were corona positive. This was a surprise for me because in entire time we were sick I don't remember anyone coughing ( which was considered as the major symptom). But thank god! By the time we got our reports we all were cured of the disease. Its also because the support of our neighbors, relatives and friends that this quarantine period was so easy for us to pass by.

School Picture.jpg

Rishabh Jain

COVID-19 Blessing in disguise for nature

The whole world is fighting with a great pandemic and the name we all know i.e. “CORONA VIRUS”. This virus has not only affected the livestock but have also affected the economy sources of the world. But as we all know that everything in this world have a positive and a negative side and this time, the positive side is with our nature and our planet. Corona virus has resulted into a great medicine for our nature. At one side where all the industries have shut down, the people are unable even to buy food for themselves, the earth is really healing! The great hole in the ozone layer above the Antarctica, which no one thought could be actually healed, is now completely healed and closed. All thanks to the corona virus that made all the industries to shut down. Ganga, a spiritual river for the Hindu communism, for whose cleaning government started various projects like Namami Gange which costed 20,000 crore to the government, just required some days of the stoppage of all the industries to get cleaned. Covid-19 fulfilled that wish of the River Ganga and now the water of Ganga is so purified that it could also be used for drinking purposes. The Covid-19 has emerged as a great threat for the mankind but on the contrary has helped the nature to nurture itself. Delhi, The capital city of India and also one of the most busiest city of India faced the problem of air pollution. The situation was that worst that it was even difficult to breath in delhi . During winters , it was very difficult to see because of the fog and the high air pollution content in the city . But because of the lockdown, the pollution index of Delhi has fallen 49%! Following the postponement of several major global climate conferences due to COVID-19, Conservation International climate experts argue that there are still critical steps that countries can take to tackle the climate crisis in 2020. From engaging local communities to implementing national climate policies, governments can continue to tackle climate change despite lockdown restrictions, said Maggie Comstock, Conservation International’s senior director of climate policy. On an individual level, Shyla Raghav, the vice president of climate strategy at Conservation International, urged people to learn from the world’s rapid and definitive responses to the coronavirus. “Crises like this pandemic demonstrate the incredible capacity of societies to come together in the face of unprecedented, insurmountable challenges and adapt,” said Raghav. “This is exactly what we need to tackle climate change.” According to a 2018 UN report, humanity only has about a decade left to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis by reducing greenhouse gas emissions — and the recent decline in global emissions illustrates that changes in human behaviour can show tangible results for climate action. “Countries must find ways to make their emissions reductions goals a reality and increase the ambition, conferences or no conferences,” added Comstock. The month of May, which usually records peak carbon emissions due to the decomposition of leaves, has recorded what might be the lowest levels of pollutants in the air since the 2008 financial crisis. China and Northern Italy have also recorded significant reductions in their nitrogen dioxide levels. Further, sources suggest that there has been a 25 percent drop in energy use and emissions in China over two weeks which is likely to decrease the overall annual carbon emissions of the country by 1 percent. In India the results were similar too; March 22 was the ‘Janata Curfew’, following which, a significant dip in air pollution levels was measured across the country. Cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Lucknow saw their average Air Quality Index (AQI) staying within two digits. Another example of cleaner air was seen when, on April 3rd, residents of Jalandhar, a city in Punjab state, woke up to a view of the Dhauladhar mountain range, a rare feat in normal times, considering the distance between the two places- lying nearly 213 kilometres apart from each other and have not been visible from the city in recent memory. In conclusion, the takeaway from this is that once nations come to grips with the coronavirus, better implementation of the environmental, transport and industry regulations should be considered a priority to ease the detrimental impacts of human activity on the environment. The international community, as it fights to regain an accepted normal, ought to take into consideration, the enlightening results of this pandemic. The environment, for one, bounced back faster than we thought it could. And it would be downright irresponsible to let that knowledge take a backseat once social distancing and nationwide lockdowns are no longer required. These types of lockdowns should be held for minimum 7 days every year for the nature for helping it to nurture.

Diya Singla.jpg

Diya Singla

COVID-19 Impact on My Life

The coronavirus began to make its way into our country in mid-March, according to the estimates from the centre for Disease Control and Prevention. And it didn't take long for its impact to be felt in India. By late-March India's restaurant, dining rooms were closed due to the spread of the virus. Schools were closed next and then on March 23 Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a stay- at- home order. This order shut down all non-essential businesses, shuttering stores and other businesses across the country. Before the online classes had started, I used to get very bored as we were stuck at home and couldn't meet anyone. Then slowly my friends started taking classes of cooking and art and craft. Then it took time but I got used to the lockdown and my boredom was finished. I passed my time by playing games with my family like basketball, football, badminton, lawn tennis, cards, uno, board games etc. My mother also started to cook many different types of dishes. In the lockdown many programs like Ramayana, Mahabharat, Shri Krishna etc were also broadcasted on the television. I used to enjoy watching these programs. Then slowly the system of online classes started. And initially it was very difficult cope-up. And getting used to it was very difficult. I also got many opportunities to learn new things like making slimes, cooking, baking and many other things. I enjoyed my lockdown very much. Most people think that the year 2020 was not good but, in my opinion, I enjoyed the year 2020 as I had the opportunity to learn many new things and could enjoy a lot with my family. My experience with 2020 was a like a blessing in disguise.

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