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Rahul Arora

COVID-19 Fear

After my Exams I had planned to Go for summer vacations. But Due to Covid -19 , it is not possible.  After Some Time I realized ,  Going for summer vacations is not important , At this time It's Important to care ourself , oldsters and Youngsters From Covid-19 as it Is our Duty And responsibility. Covid -19 had Impacted everyone in many ways like millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty. Including You and Me there are millions Of students who had loss in their studies as Schools , universities and institutions are closed. Sometimes, I Feel that Someone Has put me in jail as we all are not be able to go out. I desires to play with my companions(friends) and go to school Meet my classmates,schoolmates etc. Just like you I am also taking precautions , guidelines Suggested By Government To fight Against pandemic Covid-19 And Had A victory Upon coronavirus.The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates to us the value of freedom – the freedom to move, to be with those we love, to live in dignity and security – for ourselves and for those around us.

‌According to me that It is a type of exam taken By God to check our unity ,teamwork and togetherness.So we all should say that 'We Will pass this Exam At any cost'. We should have patience and help everyone which are  facing Difficulty to A great Extent.


Aditi Jain

COVID-19 Impact

Covid 19 had a disastrous impact on human life but had a positive impact on animals, birds and nature. When our Prime Minister announced lockdown I was very sad because we could not go out of our home, meet friends and play outdoors. Because of corona virus millions of people lost their lives and many became jobless. People were locked in their houses. Schools, universities, institutes and offices were closed. People were becoming depressed. So many negative things were happening all around the world making us sadder but then I looked at its positive aspects. Places with poor air quality were now becoming good, rivers were naturally becoming clean and clear, pollution was very less due to less movement of vehicles, Birds flew to places where they were hardly seen and their chirping could be heard all day long.It was a pleasant music to be heard .Aquatic animals were coming back to places they left years ago because of water pollution. People got to know that how they were continuously destroying nature which led to loss of animal’s habitat. For more than a century humans have been modifying nature for their comfort but now it was time for nature to heal itself. It was a great pleasure to spend time with family while we were locked in our houses due to lockdown .We got to know the importance of our family .Corona virus gave us a lesson that we need limited resources to live and don’t need abundance of materialistic things. The race of life came to a pause and people got more time for themselves and their family. All these positive changes gave me strength to overcome this pessimistic situation, also gave me hope that things will be better soon. Like a coin has two sides covid 19 also came with pros and cons. We should not only look at its negative sides but also positive effects.



COVID-19 Impact

Everything was going fine. I was busy with my board’s exams in March. On the last paper, a virus attacked our country and it was harmful. I completed my board exams and suddenly the lock down was there in the whole country because of the COVID- 19. The shops were shut down, nobody was allowed to go out and the police were all around. The lock down was of 4 months. This created an impact. In this month’s children learned many things cooking, art and craft and so many things. The schools started a new thing that was the online platform for studies. After that there was a fixed time to go out and buy fruits and vegetables. Due to the COVID -19 many people, doctors, helpers, nurses has sacrificed their life to search a antibiotic for it . After that the exams were taken on the online platform and all need to study online. After that slowly and gradually the lock down started opening in July and people started going out with full of precautions – masks, and sanitizer. Then the weeding functions started with the limited number of people that was 50 only. After some time everything was opened the people joined back their jobs. After that the festivals came and everybody enjoyed. But still this deadly corona virus has not let the country. This 2020 has gone with this pandemic. But this 2021 we hope for the best and hope that this corona virus left our country and we all live a very good and healthy, virus free country…


Ashraful Haq

COVID-19 Impact

In the world of so many diseases one new disease came in the world and changed the lives of many peoples.The whole world was worried about it. Its impact was all over the world in different countries. First time in the history there was a nationwide lockdown came across. Lockdown teached me to live in a pandemic. I learned how to survive this kind of situation where you are locked inside your house and you need to manage the things without going outside. Schools were closed so the online teaching and virtual classes take place. First time I got some problems leading to internet connectivity. The study was not going properly. After some time I got use to these virtual things. The exams were coming and I was not prepared of exams. I don't even know how to give the exams but I managed the things at the end time. But the experience was good of lockdown,virtual things and all of these.


Arti Yadav

Covid-19 Impact on me

I did my last board exams on 19 March , 2019 and then was caught by lock down. Last year began with soul searching on a "world disorder". This global pandemic has effected various aspects of life in different countries. People isolated themselves stayed at home. School, colleges, theatres, cinemas and offices were closed. As an academic, I am taking online classes. In a matter of weeks, Covid -19 has changed students life around the world. It has changed life styles of people a lot, even the government painted a positive picture of Covid crisis whereas it's handling of the pandemic was disastrous. Even though Covid -19 lead to so much uncertainty and changes, I tried to keep myself motivated and engaged in my studies. I started working hard and decided to take benefit of this situation.

Anshveer Singh Dhaliwal photo.jpeg

Anshveer Singh Dhaliwal

COVID-19 Experience

As for everyone, I also could not believe what was happening around me. The whole world went under a longtime lockdown which led to the closing of public places, schools, colleges, etc. Neither were the students nor were the schools prepared for the new style of classes i.e., the online study. After facing problems for first few weeks, now all are used to online study from home. It was my first year at new school but I had started feeling stable there. I got along with the curriculum of the school well and now am feeling pretty blessed to get an admission in such a nice school where teachers are so meritorious. I also started discovering more in myself as I had started poetry and even learning to code. At this point of time, I personally think that it was more a blessing than a curse for me as I learnt a whole heap of new activities during this period. Spending time with our loved ones more than ever before was another crucial gift of this pandemic. Due to the lockdown, many have suffered financially, as their businesses closed down. Some have even lost their family members to the disease, but we need to become stronger as we cannot change the past but the future is in our hands. Therefore, my opinion for those who thought it was a disastrous year is to change their perspective and take it as blessing which made us learn new values.


Chaitanya Kumar

COVID-19 Experience

Every disease is a story. It has a beginning, middle and, hopefully, an end. Some illnesses are little more than anecdotes or riddles. Others are parables and allegories. A few grow into epics, containing a multitude of episodic tales, one leading on to another. The novel Corona virus, which is responsible for COVID-19, sounds like something out of science fiction. Hi, my name is Chaitanya. I'm 14 years old. My life was good. I lived in a nice house in Chandigarh with my mother. So, it was a cloudy rainy Monday night my mother was watching the news when all the sudden we got the announcement basically saying a virus broke out,they called it COVID-19. My mother was worried. Then there was me, not worried. But I had no idea what was about to happen. The government shut down everything including schools and stores. So that night I went to bed. In the morning sirens blasting down my road, woke me up, my ears were ringing. So, I quickly ran to my window to see outside. Roads blocked off by swat cars and they were arresting everyone. We got the news that Transportation was going to stop by midnight. My mother and I packed up our house and ran for the last bus to my home town. It was such a chaotic and fearful day. We reached home town at midnight. We spent every festival one by one without enjoying. But as soon Diwali came this virus entered our home. My grandmother got corona positive, then my father suspected with this. These two members of my family were quarantine in two different rooms. This was first time in my life when on Diwali our whole family even didn't worship together. In this way,I have seen the whole Covid journey. This is how during COVID-19 my lockdown period was. But now I just wish COVID-19 to be end soon so that we all may come back to our normal happy lives!!


Shraya Guchhait

Covid-19 Impact on me

Covid-19 is being in wuhan China. It is spread through our sneeze,by touching eyes,ears,nose and mouth.Most common symptoms are fever,dry cough, headache. So the government decided to issue a Lockdown. First lockdown was start from 21march. We can't go anywhere school,hospitals,mall,market and cinema hall and many more places every place was closed. So we just sat at home.But because of this we get time for our family members, otherwise everyone was busy on their work my mother is busy on house hold works, my father go to job and me and my brother goes to school. In Lockdown we spend time with each other. Together we make new dishes,playing lodu and carrom board, gardening and many more things. We grow many vegetables on the terrace like brinjal, lemon and pumkin. One side lockdown is bad and one side it is good. It is good because of this we get time for family and bad because office, school,college and other work places are closed. My father can't go to office and we can't go to school that stopped our studies. But we got to learn a lot from covid-19 like helping each other. But well we learned to live with it.


Gaurav Suhag

COVID-19 Impact

As we all are aware about the type of virus-Corona is. Almost after a century we had seen such a disease not only in our country but in the whole world. And my father is a frontliner in this battle of corona. I am sharing my family's experience and efforts specially my father's, during the time of COVID-19. When all were at home only in our neighborhood my father go for duty. There was a feeling of proud that my father is serving to my nation and completing their motto of "DUTY FIRST, FAMILY NEXT".But we had fear that if he got infected then may we all get infected with this virus. My father adopt full precautions. Daily after duty hours when he came back he sanitised his watch, wallet, mobile phones and put clothes in hot water. He also takes bath whenever he return from his duty, sometimes he had to go 2-4 times a day. Even when he returned at 3:00 at night he entered in room after taking bath and sanitising his mobile,watch etc.. He takes his water bottle and tiffin box or fruits to eat daily from home to avoid taking anything from outside to keep us safe. He also helped a lot of people by various ways like sending some people and students to their home and providing food to them. And with all these efforts of my father and God's grace we all are safe from this virus till now. I pray to God that we all overcome this problem one day from whole world.


Gaurav Dangwal

COVID-19 Impact

After the pandemic, a lot has changed. Before it, I was doing quite well in academics. I had decent physique too. My exams were just over and everything was great. Then COVID-19 struck and the tables turned. I could not go outside for daily morning run and exercise anymore. As my exams were over and schools were closed, I had nothing much to study as well. In those days, I spent hours on computer and smartphone. My sleeping routine was messed up. I did no physical exercise. I've never had many friends and only texted to one or two during that time. Slowly and steadily, I tended to became unproductive. After the pandemic situation got a little better, schools opened up. Now, I was required to work and study regularly. But, I usually procastinated as it has now become a habit. I never did any work on time, this directly affected my mental health and marks. After almost 15 months of COVID-19, I still try to overcome this venemous habit of procastination and retain my old routine before the pandemic. Recently, I've been sleeping early to wake up early and go out for cycling. I haven't completely regained my old mental and physical state but I don't stop trying. And I believe that I'm going to succeed very soon and emerge better than I ever was. After all that's just the way it is and things will never be the same.


Aryan Gautam

COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19, a minacious disease is spreading expeditiously having immense impact all over the world. The whole world is suffering a lot because of this disastrous disease. During the time of epidemic people were dying less from COVID-19 but more from the fear of it. It proves it true that fear has a large shadow, but it itself is small. I truly realise the below written fact that “Earth is round and everything comes back to you from where it was started” As with destroyed , harmed and polluted earth in return we got this virus about which we all have aspiration that one day we will be able to vanquish it. In the period of lockdown surrounded by 4 walls we all were able to grasp the opportunity to stay connected with our family as well as with our kith and kins virtually. Nearly all the students across the globe were taking online lectures sitting at home. Teachers are conscientious and they are working hard all day and formulating notes for us to assimilate and arranging online classes also. I utilised the lockdown with my family very much but I realised the importance of social interactions. This pandemic gave me plenty of time to concentrate on those things which I used to neglect. One of my family members got Corona positive as per the report of rapid test which was conducted in office but was able to cure as other family  members did not create havoc and made all the necessary precautions to fight against it and she/he was cured.  I really want to get attention to this point that as this surely helped in my life during the pandemic “If we replace I by We even Illness becomes Wellness" So we should try helping everyone and serving everyone will help the world making it a better place to live in.


Manseerat Kaur

COVID-19 Impact

Aarushi Tanwar

Aarushi Tanwar

Covid-19 Impact on me

This covid-19 pandemic has effected our daily lives drastically. And as a student, it feels like normal life was far more better than this pandemic life as in those times there were no online classes, the student and the teacher had a great interaction with each other, we had a superb time with our friends. It was fun. But the lockdown life was terrific, the online classes, no school, no friends to talk to, and loads of school work. It made me so cynical that I started to feel depressed and detached from studies. But not everything was worse at times because this gave me that family time which I can't even imagine in my normal life & as their was a bit shortage of food at those grimmest times, so, I learned the actual value of food because I was so fussy. The first week of the lockdown felt really good, but as the time passed, I started to feel like the caged animals - trapped at one place & having no freedom. I kept on losing interest in studies & as a result, I got terrible grades in my exams. In a nutshell, this lockdown was more stressful than I thought because everything is bad in excess.



Students’ struggle against COVID-19

Just one night before the day I had to go to my school for my 7th grade results, the Prime Minister announced a nationwide lockdown due to the immense spread of Coronavirus. This pandemic affected the world in many aspects like health (mental and physical), education, and economy leaving people sick and dying. But the worst affected were the school going children who were in their developing stage. All the education had to be shifted to online mode. Online classes required a mobile phone or a laptop. Those who could not afford these due to financial instability caused by loss of jobs due to lockdown, had to miss their classes, which affected their studies. The Lockdown didn’t only affect children physically but also psychologically. Initially, I enjoyed staying at home but soon I started missing my school, interactive classroom sessions and chatting with my friends. I felt burdened and stressed which started affecting my performance due to lack of guidance. All my routine got upset as outdoor activities were restricted and there was gloominess all over. I spent most of my time over television watching news flooded with information of new variants of COVID-19 coming up giving a negative impact on our thinking. After a distressing and awful year, In March 2021, when I felt that the situation was getting better, my mother and I got tested positive for COVID. I had mild symptoms and recovered in about a week, but my mother’s health wasn’t really good. I was very stressed and cried everyday but I stayed strong and fought COVID with courage. And by God’s Grace, we are perfectly fine now. Though lockdown was full of boredom, it gave me an opportunity to explore myself and enhance my skills like sketching and painting. I tried cooking new recipes with my mother. Time’s hard, but it’ll get back to normal someday. No matter what the circumstances are, we need to remain positive and believe in God.

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