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Featured Stories on Depression

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Yanshita Thakur

For many people winter is not only a time of falling leaves and heavy fog But also a period when they become melancholic , depression  ....[Read Full Story]


Aneet Kaur

The year 2020 has been really hard on me as i was losing focus and control on everything, it was pretty good that ....[Read Full Story]


Maahi Thakur

So today I am going to share my experiences on “how balanced my mental health  in pandemic?” When the lockdown started I felt very happy....[Read Full Story]


Ayana Iona Michael

I reached teen years and the behaviour of people around me changed. They started judging my habits, my looks, my dresses;..[Read Full Story]


Parminder Kaur

Having a mental health disorder isn't easy, and it's even harder when people assume you can't just get over it . I wanted to tell you ....[Read Full Story]


 Chahat Kandara

I am always worrying about doing aren't l am always about doing well at school and with the end f year test coming up l ....[Read Full Story]


Vanshika Goel

I was happy with my life till the age of 6. Although every one loved me. But , when my brother born each member of my family started....[Read Full Story]


Mumal Deora

I realized how easy it is to get in your head about anything. I had to think multiple times before I could even decide that I wanted to write about this topic. If this is how ....[Read Full Story]


Kanishka Parmar

Depression is something which has a different meaning, different story, different reasons for everyone.I can't tell about everyone but I can share my own story of it  ...[Read Full Story]

Me and Coral.jpeg

Mayank Sinha

Coral, my buddy, my pet dog had joined our family on March 9, 2019. He belongs to a breed called beagle  ....[Read Full Story]


Samaira Kamra

As everybody knows that there was pandemic there was a lockdown ,there was online studies there was online result . people who had ....[Read Full Story]



Everything in my life was pretty good till I became a teenager. Three years back I had to take this sharp turn against my will. It took some time for me....[Read Full Story]

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-11 at 7.09.42 PM.

Mahleen Kaur Wadhwa

As we know today our mental health plays a major role in everyday life, because if we are always stressed we can't ...[Read Full Story]


Ishnoor Bangar

Life is unpredictable we often hear people say that. It actually hits hard when we or our loved ones are put in that predictable.[Read Full Story]



Hey! I am 17 years old. I did not know what depression looked like but my mom was facing it. I too was going through....[Read Full Story]


Komal Rajan

The worst disease is being not mentally fit . Mental health not only just intellectually hurt you , but do hurt you physically and socially as well. This is....[Read Full Story]


Nidhi Kamboj

Gender discrimination is somewhat stopped in today's world but has not been completely finished. And at some places girls are stop....[Read Full Story]


Prabhleen Kaur

rom my childhood I was a topper student so acc. To this they have really high expectation from me and after 3rd class i changed my....[Read Full Story]


Vaishali Kashyap

It started when the lie ended and everybody was like now we are not playing anymore . The game has been ended our mission has been accomplished  ...[Read Full Story]


Tanya Sahota

Actually everybody in their live has to face innumerable woes and troubles .likewise I was also one of them but then my problem was a bit different from so many other teens of my age ...[Read Full Story]

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