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Yanshita Thakur

What is seasonal depression and how to overcome it

For many people winter is not only a time of falling leaves and heavy fog But also a period when they become melancholic , depressed, Tired and sleepy. This is because of seasonal affective disorder or SAD commonly known as the seasonal depression Sad usually affects a persons mood around September and October when the weather becomes so cold that you can probably feel your feet freeze and days shorter that means less sunlight which is because of daylight savings can cause your brain to produce less serotonin and the lack of this hormone can result in feeling depressed As a person suffering from seasonal depression myself I can only say that some day something will go terribly, utterly, horribly wrong and one day everything will be fine , our lives swing between that one day and some day all we can do is keep ourselves busy in the literal dark times. If any of your known or loved ones suffer from SAD help them by showing love and affection and tell them that self-discovery isn’t always about the most convenient ways as you’ll have to burn, learn, and hear the unexpected, the usual and the unknown. And if you are a person yourself suffering from a SAD just get this thing that you don’t have to be all sad and nice all the time Scream, break, shatter till your lungs have pumped out all the words you had to swallow, all the pain that froze your blood, all the worries that tainted your skin and when you are done freeing yourself then please go be nice to everyone seasonal depression is like a shape shifter it looks like a face I do not want to remember and then suddenly it’s a face I can’t forget its simply a dishonest performer. Seasonal depression can crush your spirits and your confidence to make it through this winter like a bolt of lightning striking a building made up of delicate glass. After all no matter how hard things get there is always brighter days without the sad on the gloom. And we have to look for brighter days ahead


Aneet Kaur

Mental Stress

The year 2020 has been really hard on me as i was losing focus and control on everything, it was pretty good that we had to stay in our homes and not socialise with people as i’m super anti-social. I was not doing good in school, i lost many friends, i was losing hope and strength but worst of all was no one understood me, not my family, not my friends and not school, it’s foolish of me to even think that teachers would help me, they put even more and more stress on me as i wasn’t doing so great in school like i used to and they kept burdening me, told us that a student who has experience is not and will be as good as the student who has great marks and doesn’t have a life and this let me down a lot, our marks don’t define us our manners, etiquettes, sense of talking and experience does. I knew i was getting screwed up and i had to get a hold of my thoughts and myself so I decided to start meditation(manifestation) it really helped me a lot, it help me stay calm and not hurt myself like i used to, my sudden urge to punch a wall was suddenly getting over. I stayed calm and listened to lofi music, it felt like therapy. The greatest thing you can do is focus in school but not get hurt by your marks because all that matters in the end is your experience not an A+ Study but don’t make school and your marks your only hope, read books, watch documentaries, autobiographies, diy stuff, get a hold of yourself, nail your life, don’t waste it on crying over grades. Study as hard as you can but don’t ever think that your grades define you because they don’t. You have only one life, live it. I still haven’t really gotten well from all the things i said up there but i’ll make sure i do, i’ll bring the best out of myself, i’ll try as hard as i can to succeed in LIFE not GRADES because people will judge but we can’t let them ruin our lives. Teens these days overthink like me. A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world full of illusions, by thoughts i mean specifically chatter in the skull.

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Mayank Sinha

My Angel

Coral, my buddy, my pet dog had joined our family on March 9, 2019. He belongs to a breed called beagle. This breed needs an exercise for at least one and a half hour daily. Usually we would take him for a walk, make him run around and play with him in our apartment, but during the lockdown, our movement was restricted and so was Coral’s. We couldn’t take him for a walk and this showed an impact on Coral’s health. One night, he had a lot of pain in his legs, so much so that he couldn’t even climb his bed. I still remember how Coral had spent the entire night moaning in pain and it took about two to three days to recover. Soon did we realize that Coral needed much more space, a lot of physical activity. We knew that we had to look for a new home for Coral for his wellbeing. Am not wrong in saying that we were very fortunate that my very own classmate, Anandita, readily accepted to adopt Coral. She belongs to an army background & her entire family is dog loving. She also has her own pet dog, Flare. On October 14, 2020 came the day when we handed over Coral to his new family. The problem started after this moment. The fact that Coral was no more around me starting having a negative impact on my mental state. I was not being able to digest this emptiness. I used to cry a lot for him every day. But soon realized that we had taken this decision for Coral’s good health. I thank Anandita, her family and especially her dog, Flare because they open heartedly accepted my Coral. Even today, when Anandita shares his photographs & videos, he looks very happy. Coral & Flare are best buddies now. Coral is living a life which he deserved. Coral’s HAPPINESS is my HAPPINESS because I love him from the deepest core of my heart. I eventually learnt that if we love someone, we don’t hold him tight, but let him fly free in the sky


Samaira Kamra

Mental health and what I learned in this lockdown

Now everyone knows what pandemic is and when there was a lockdown , there were online studies and everything was online. People who had their birthdays in this lockdown, were feeling dejected, gloomy and sad . They were just thinking that they could not celebrate their special day with great spirit ,at a great place , with people ,wearing a new dress ,getting presents full of love . It was the same that happened with me . My birthday was just at that time when lockdown commenced . It falls on 9th April . I was feeling extremely dismal and I had no spirit in me to celebrate my birthday . I was not even excited for it and did not even wait for it. When it was 8 th April , I was sleeping .My mom , dad , my 2 sisters rushed into my room at 12 :00 a.m with a scrumptious birthday cake . They came singing a song merrily ," Happy Birthday to you ,Happy Birthday to you . I woke up with a fresh start and I felt elated. The next day was full of surprises . I would have to get a thousand more pages to describe those wonderful surprises . First was that my father had somehow arranged to call the police and the police came with a cake ,They too sang the birthday song merrily.I was surprised to see their magnanimity . Then the celebration at night was the biggest surprise for me. My mother had recreated the view of the hotel where my mother portrayed as the cook my sister was the manager and my other sister was the waiter .To keep these things away from me my father took me for a walk in our society . Then at the moment when I saw the sumptuous food I could not wait to eat it . Everyone ate the food . Then we watched the movie by Walt disney The Lion King . So what I learned in this pandemic is that money can't buy love and it’s the love and care of nears and dears which keep you motivated.



Mental health

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Mental health

Everything in my life was pretty good till I became a teenager. Three years back I had to take this sharp turn against my will. It took some time for me to discover the changes around me, the changes in myself- my mind, my thoughts and my body. I experienced mood swings several times a day. I used to get irritated in a minute even for little things. I started hating those who questioned or challenged me. I would bang the doors of my house, shifted the things from their respective places and ended up crying, screaming and pushing my head against a pillow. I started lying simply to avoid embarrassment and the consequences of breaking rules. I was seeing the negative side of the things that I was interacting with in my daily life. But why? The answer to this simple question is that I was suffering from mental illness. I was losing interest in activities which I earlier used to do with my full potential. My mum didn't resist herself to help me out from these mixture of emotions. She personally did my counselling many times. Then she gifted me a book named "The Secret to Teen Power" that truly motivated me and transformed my life. The book has awakened my dreams and it's helping me to make them come true. The book asks us to go through three simple yet creative processes Ask, Believe and Receive. We need to picture ourselves or visualise what kind of life we want to achieve. Now the second step is to believe that our desires are coming on our way. And finally we will receive and some times even without getting ourselves know. These processes are just as simple as placing an order on Amazon. Keeping the book on the other hand I did meditation and sometimes chanting that has improved my mental health. Also, these days I am in a bit conversation with myself. I am inspired by the quote, "What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candour, more unashamed conversation." by Glenn close.


Maahi Thakur

Mental Health

So today I am going to share my experiences on “how balanced my mental health  in pandemic?” When the lockdown started I felt very happy as we got  45 days of holidays, but when the covid cases started rising I got somewhat disturbed as I never experienced something like this. Then the schools remained shut, no meetings with friends, no travelling to relatives; it was like we were put into a prison. This lockdown took everything from me; my friends, my strengths, my loved ones, my everything. I became depressed for many months just because I had nobody to talk with. If I talk for long with my friends my parents would say “you are just on phone whenever I see you. Leave it right now!” and there everything stops. Sometimes I felt like there is no hope to live  because I had many problems in. my life. Then I thought that not only I but many people during this pandemic must be suffering from many issues and I was one of them. I can’t explain my health issues in “just” 300 words but I would like to say that just live your life freely as there is no tomorrow and never think of past, just live the present. My best friends “XYZ” was also disturbed in this lockdown. His friends weren’t with him, his parents never supported him but I tried my best so that he can overcome. Now when I met him, his problem doesn’t get finished but I used to say him that never think about negative conversations, thoughts etc. I used to talk to him every day, ask him how’s he is and when I was sad, whenever he became happy that became my happiness also. So at last just want to say that by helping someone our souls gets relieved and the inner happiness comes out, which not everyone has.” Be the reason for someone’s smile, as not everyone receives this fate” Keep smiling, stay happy, stay healthy.

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Mahleen Kaur Wadhwa

Mental Health

As we know today our mental health plays a major role in everyday life, because if we are always stressed we can't do anything, if we are always emotional we can't do anything or if we are depressed we feel like our world is falling apart.In a similar manner i would like to share my story and lesson i learned from it. When i was around the age of ten we started getting marks in school and to be honest i was an average student so, whenever we got marks i got badly scolded by my parents as you can see this is a typical story everyone might face but i had temper issues so i used to bang my head on the wall and at that tender age no one understood why i used to do that after sometimes used to think about what might happen after death and asked my parents but their answer was always the same that we will become stars in the sky and what else would you expect as an answer as a ten year old but even after these vague answers more thoughts started coming like do our memories reset after death and before reincarnation and i started having even more bad temper.These thoughts continued till i was 13 after i found out that i was in depression,even though i wanted to tell someone but i knew no one would believe me on this so i started researching myself but found nothing but i used to and still love playing tennis so i started to play extra hours than usual so that my thoughts weren't all over the place then came back home studied,had dinner and slept but that wasn't that helping because i couldn't sleep at night and whenever someone scolded me either i got cranky or got super angry for no reason i got to know that the only way i wont do any of these is by breaking my self down means playing tennis and doing physical fitness then for fun watching tv or listening to music and it actually worked but i still have to say i still get angry pretty quickly for no reason so i'll say that i am a work in progress.


Ayana Iona Michael

Mental Health

I reached teen years and the behaviour of people around me changed. They started judging my habits, my looks, my dresses; everything about me. Based on the outward factors, I became a victim of stereotyping and prejudice. This behaviour change often encourages development of mental health problems. I used to feel down and sad when people repeated call me fat, highlighted my shortfalls, mistreated me or engaged in partiality between me and other students. I started experiencing stress and low self esteem. I accepted myself as ugly and bad. I started to think that I was the worst person alive and that everyone else hated me. But then, I realised that the behaviour of people did not change even when I worked on and improved my shortcomings. The judging never stopped. This is the time when I realised that the opinions of others were not important, because they themselves were not perfect. Picking on others, highlighting their problems and focusing on their shortcoming was their habit. The best thing for me was to stay away from this negativity by ignoring them. Ignoring people is not easy. Initially, I tried talking to the people explaining how their actions are affecting me. This did not change anything and I always ended up crying. Therefore, the best thing is to share with someone in the family and friend circle, someone you trust. People have not stopped judging me. Now I simply remind myself that they themselves are also not perfect. In the end, remember opinions of others do not define you. Do not do things for pleasing others. Rather do things for making yourself happy. Believe in yourself and don’t give up!


Ishnoor Bangar

Life is unpredictable!

Life is unpredictable we often hear people say that. It actually hits hard when we or our loved ones are put in that predictable situation. I thought twice or thrice before writing this but finally came to conclusion that this can be like an ode To my freshly passed maternal grandfather ,not because I am overwhelmed by his death but because he meant the world to me and my mom. I thought of writing about my parents divorce or the time when my dad started a new family but it wasn’t as painful as losing my grandpa forever. He used to pamper us (me and my cousin) love us take care of us save us from our mom’s scoldings and I guess I have so much to say and 300 words aren’t enough the most difficult part about this is that nobody knows how to live without him .it’s been two days nothing feels the same the house ,the food everything feels different The house with my 17 years of memories ,my mom’s 25 years of youth and my grandparent’s 45 years of marriage,made it all go away with the absence of one most significant person. The heartache and the pain might go away but the memories , his laugh , his face is unforgettable. I think the best thing we can do right now is just wait for the time to heal , because time has this strange healing power that makes a person stronger and capable of life decisions and possibilities I believe in a mantra that keeps me going and that is EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON And i know there’ll be a time when i’d look back and realise it was all a part of process to lead me here . And then i’ll be okay. May his soul rest in peace and i hope we find solace in this hurtful situation.

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