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 Parminder Kaur

It isn't easy!

Having a mental health disorder isn't easy, and it's even harder when people assume you can't just get over it . I wanted to tell you about my experience infact I am also suffering from depression and anxiety. I want to leave and go somewhere that is quiet and dark my own overthinking is destroy me a day by day. I was thinking about my mother. Who died previously.what I want to do at that time ''nothing'' the only thing I am doing is crying every night I would run it around in my head what and how will I tell my parents and friends About my mental illness. That's why more than two million people are struggling because they can't tell anyone. Luckily I have an amazing friend's and family that understood about my illness while some are not so lucky. A lot of family reject their siblings or children or friends because they don't know how to deal with mental illness. do you remember the part where I mentioned about my condition well I am not telling you much about my condition. What I get from dipression and anxiety is nothing . I was in dipression. This is my past. Do not give your past the power to define your future. I am always thinking that I am useless infact we are not useless God sent us to do something big and show the world that we are not useless. it is only you who can motivate yourself. You are not alone in this battle .no matter what the illness no one is ever alone , no matter how lonely it seems . Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you. Quote by Kim taehyung (BTS) they always inspiring me, even through those dark days when i decided I couldn't do it anymore, couldn't carry on living. To all those suffering deep inside , pushing those feelings to back your brain please keep on living. Never lose hope I know it's difficult but not impossible . We are rocks in a sea of chaos ; we cannot let every storm knock us have only two choices first is forget everything and run or and second is face everything and Rise the choice is yours .




Hey! I am 17 years old. I did not know what depression looked like but my mom was facing it. I too was going through panic attacks and anxiety which I realized at the age of 15. I was a fat kid, I had zero confidence never thought that I could look beautiful. Every night I felt worse, looking myself at 3 am and crying. One such night I decided to go on a crash diet and the progress made me closer to beauty by torturing my inner self. Slowly looking for results, I started working out and indulged myself into fitness activities for the next three years. Now, in 2021 when I was confident, aware of nutrition. The crash diet which I had done in past led to tuberculosis in 2018 It was a major turning point in my life. Things I did for the outer beauty and out of family fat shaming lead me at this cost of living. Maybe, I have grown as a person but it was all at the cost of my health. I had never talked about my panic attacks, anxiety or insecurities to anyone. But today I am confident. With the way I am and how I look.


Chahat Kandara

Mental Health

I am always worrying about doing aren't l am always about doing well at school and with the end of year test coming up l am not sure how much longer cope my thoughts swarm around my head sometimes keeping me up all night. Someday it's just all too much and l feel like l am lost in space when l did badly an one of my tests l just about kept it together until l got home then l broke down crying infront of my mom.She listened for a bit and then she told me that just like physical health we all have mental health. It's our feelings our thinking our emotions and our moods. She then said that feeling down anger and streets in a normal part of life just like it's normal to feel happy confident and carefro. Sometimes we all have positive and negative emotions that come and go based or what's happening around us those are everyday feeling good mental health. Scientists have found exercises can help when you are feeling low,so ahead of year encouraged me to sign up to the school badminton club. I am beginning to understand my mental health. Iam learning how to cope ahead every year reminded that my friends my family teachers and alot of others at school. I have no idea that people around me could be so understanding and while it's not always easy to talk about my mental health. The person l am talking to you might be able to help. If you do not feel like talking that's fire you could try writing, sports, reading,art,music playing with your pet whatever make you feel better. If you are the person someone talk to when they are struggling just listen with no pressure or judgements. You don't have to have the answer. If you feel unsure about anything you can speak to a trust adult talking about mental health. Doesn't have to be difficult after all is something we all have mental health.


Komal Ranjan

Mental Health

Mental health not only just intellectually hurt you , but do hurt you physically and socially as well. This is something that the life taught me two years ago when my life-my mommy died. I was just only a 14 year old kid , when life played havoc and I lost someone the most beloved to me than my own life . In 2017 she found that she had a breast cancer and she was in the last stage . Somewhere life started teaching me a lot . She did celebrate my 14th birthday in March ,2018 but after March, just within days she stopped walking . Later her fingers, arms and upper body also stopped working . Ultimately the God called her to heaven in 2018. Then I got into mental stress . I was always looking for those unconditional hugs and kisses . Not a month was passed to her death when I was admitted to the hospital . Every month I was getting fevers , cold and cough . Somewhere that mental illness in her grief was also affecting me physically. After an year was passed to her death , I learned a lot . I learned that one must console oneself , we should rather focusing on losses, instead should focus on number of things the nature has given us to smile. I learnt one should always go on positive aspects of life by not considering the negative ones . This is what one year journey taught me about my mental health. The very next year, in 2019, I faced my uncle’s death and recently 2020 has taken my aunty’s life to death too . But it’s ok because losses are part of one’s life . These are inevitable. We should always be grateful to nature and never let any circumstance to overpower our MENTAL HEALTH... “JUST BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE CAN HEAL OR DO YOUR INNER WORK FOR YOU, DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN, SHOULD, OR NEED TO DO IT ALONE”


Vanshika Goel

Depression of love

I was happy with my life till the age of 6. Although every one loved me. But , when my brother born each member of my family started concentrating on my brother. I did not like the way they all treated me , as if I was a 15 years old child. They all were incapable in understanding me . I was struggling with my self. After two years. I became a girl who was filled with anger and aggression. Who so ever tries to talk with me I just start shouting. I used to get irritated in a minute. I started hating those who questioned me . As the time goes on I was becoming more aggressive, due to my bad behaviour every one started ignoring me. My this behaviour led to major problem of my life i.e. depression. Depression totally changed me . I loss interest in my life. One day when my parents were not at home, I was preparing food for me . I switch on the gas stove and gas started leaking. But I was thinking about something else. As I put fire on the stove , gas catch fire. Then my brother came and took me out of the kitchen. When he comes to know that I am facing problem of depression he started taking care of me. He used to spend time with me. He helped me to fight with this problem. He tried to change my mind setup. I bravely faced this problem. Then I come to know that it was my thinking that my brother is unlucky for me. But he was the only person in my family who understands me and I felt I was blessed to have a such brother who is spirit of my life.


Nidhi Kamboj

Mental Health of Girls

Gender discrimination is somewhat stopped in today's world but has not been completely finished. And at some places girls are stopped to pursue their dreams .Some people still have in their minds that girls should do household works. And because of this girls feel that why are they born , and it leads to other health issues like depression. Now the question is how to deal with it? The answer is focus on your dreams, do meditation, you must have 2-3 hobbies like painting, singing,etc. Do your best , don't take people's judgements too seriously. Just take your parents talks seriously because they are the only ones who you can trust blindly. Start writing a diary too, but in that write only good things happen to you so that they can motivate you to pursue your dreams. We have to show this world that "we can do everything that a boy can do". We have to fit the above quote in our mind . And never ashamed of being a girl. In the end, live freely and stay safe and healthy.


Mumal Deora

Be your Own Best friend

I realized how easy it is to get in your head about anything. I had to think multiple times before I could even decide that I wanted to write about this topic. If this is how we act for smaller decisions in life what happens to the big ones? How could we ever be capable to make those decisions? The truth is, it all stems out of your health, both physical and mental but we, as a society, rarely talk about the latter. There are so many signs that we ignore or that we run away from thinking that “I’m ok” or “I’ll be ok” but we need to take a minute to realize what we’re feeling. Whatever you’re feeling is valid, give yourself that validation. Treat yourself how you would treat your best friend. The things you tell yourself, the gravity of those words and thoughts that you have made yourself hear, you would never tell your best friend that nor would you let them wallow in self-hate. Then why is it “ok” when it comes to you? The truth is we don’t give ourselves enough love and importance. We put ourselves second which is not ok. Feeling better about ourselves and becoming happier is not something that happens with the flick of a switch, but it’s the effort that counts. Recognize your struggle and find your way out of it. It’s ok if it takes longer than you expected, it’s ok if it gets hard, or to feel like it isn’t working, but you need to keep striving, keep pushing ahead and most importantly you must learn to be your own best friend.


Prabhleen Kaur


From my childhood I was a topper student so acc. To this they have really high expectation from me and after 3rd class i canged my board and till 7th class i really scored bad. And made a comeback in 8thbut still I cannot reach my true potential. I began to stay alone after 9th class and till now somewhere I felt I am depressed and had hypertension and in 10th class it was my maths half yearly exam and i did not want to study so i opened youTube and somehow I find a person named Sandeep maheshwari. He is such a good soul that i cannot tell. He became my role model and has solutions for all of my problems whenever I felt down or a problem I just search for it and he makes me releived. I really respect him. He is the best guru for life


Kanishka Parmar

My Depression In My Life

Depression is something which has a different meaning, different story, different reasons for everyone. I can't tell about everyone but I can share my own story of it and I hope this will help people understand how all-encompassing it really is. There are times when we feel useless,feel like no one loves us,we are most hated person ever, and most importantly no one understands us. When we feel like crying but controlling ourselves and not losing hope.We are sitting with our family and friends enjoying the very moment then suddenly goes in our own imaginations, thoughts that I'm so lonely, stress, anxiety etc.We start to overthink and here comes the unwanted thoughts why I'm the only one lonely out there,I don't want to live. But here let me tell you one interesting thing- "To be the best version of yourself,you can't have best time rather than being in depression". I know it sounds weird but trust me it's true. If we take depression as a challenge to defeat,we can actually defeat it and become the best version of ourselves. Just do the things you love, spend more and more with yourself,start loving yourself, improve yourself,develop good habits which will be helpful for you in your future,stop thinking about past,just focus on yourself and on your present. You shouldn't believe what your depression wants you to believe upon,it breaks you completely rather believe in yourself. Most of all we all have only one life,and we all should live it to the fullest. You'll never ever regret being in depression if you make great positive use of it. So this is how my Depression affected me and how I deal with it. Like it or not I always will.


Vaishali Kashyap

The Devil Inside Me 

It started when the lie ended and everybody was like now we are not playing anymore . The game has been ended our mission has been accomplished ,we don't need you anymore but ya thanks that you got befooled as we wanted . Friends, the most colourful thread of our life and yes different faces had started showing different colours . The day 21st March 2020 framed on my heart hanged with the painful memories of the last day of board exam of the loving class 10. Mostly left that day for ever and only few remained stuck to me like a stubborn chewing gum. Still I was not sure that who is going to be in this colourful thread. I just can't handle the facts of life at that time that life is all about moving and taking the next step. Now lockdown started , days went ,weeks went and months were aslo slipping so fast . Everything was going but everything inside me was stopped because now I got time to think about my self those two years spent with some strangers and I was completely shocked that I never had time to think and realise that something is wrong with me . The time I realised this ,I was out of my mind not for the days or weeks but for the whole 2020 . I didn't talked to anyone , grades going down , physical health totally destroyed and all I was left with the thoughts of running away from home , to go very far from everyone and I just hated everyone. The misery was that I was mistreated for almost two years and didn't even realised . In all these things I have lost myself now I was totally empty from inside. Whole day used to be spent in the room sleeping and whole night thinking and yes sometimes crying. Books torned out ,notebooks full of my chaos drawings and my room with litter all around.I stopped feeling emotions but I never thought of committing suicide . And the question was why I am not committing suicide and just ending this chaos . I read a book by Robin Sharma , "Who Will Cry When You Die". I started spending time alone in the woods ,nature ,animals and children. In all these things there used to be something which was attracting me back to life . After a long time I got out of all this with an answer that I am not from those feeble people who will be knocked down by these small tests of life. I got up and this time with more strength and power to to pass the tests of life. With time I got to know that I was suffering from depression, anxiety and stress from last three years . I don't think it's was bad because it was something which made me strong , which gave me a perspective for life .And I think life is more beautiful with the scars of pain as evidence to our victory over the inside devils. This fight with the inside devil is the way for everyone to get true thyself.


Tanya Sahota


Actually everybody in their live has to face innumerable woes and troubles .likewise I was also one of them but then my problem was a bit different from so many other teens of my age . When I completed my 16 .My brain has grown well enough to identify right or wrong. So basically one day I guess on the eve of Raksha Bandhan and my mother had completed had whole course of work of the day and we decided to had dinner outside .but there comes a problem .my father had not come home since morning .we thought he might be busy in his office works but right after 5 minutes he reached the home and rang the door bell . I thought okay he had come now and I 'll order the food rather going out so I go upstairs to my room to get my phone . Usually daddy used to come home silently but that they he entered shouting right from the threshold . But I ignored it. After 5 minute or so I heard my mother shouting my name so desparately . I was shocked and stupefacted . I hastesed down to my parents bedroom and I saw a scene which I never had thought In my life time. I saw my father was harshly beating my mother for no reason he was fully drunk and he did not no what he was doing .. any way I move ahead to protect mamma and stop him. But the moment I stand in front of my mother he pointed his aim onto me ..(he has a baseball bat in his hand ..which was used by my mother to switch on/off ) body was whole shaken with fear .I was left with no courage to combat him. Unfortunately I fell to the ground with my head tossed to the wall ...I went into coma . After 2 days when I felt that my brain is activated enough to recognise my mother .. I asked her a question.. are you okay?.. she did not replied ..but her tears uttered me the answer . after week or so mamma decided to get divorced because daddy was not accepting his mistake. Eventually they get divorced and I thought everything is just fine now but these words turned to be ironical .After a week I started feeling very low,very ill and restless .. I realised that I was loosing my brain capacity to fight ... It was full of negativity .. but instide I decided to not inform my mother about my situation for she was already in deep pain .. but my this decision proved out to be catastrophic.i was not able to eat , walk, in even sit . My full body was aching .. my mother noticed this and she took me to the neuropsychiatrist . All my reports of states that I was in severe stage of MDD ..In simple words depression .. I was in great pain.. that phase of my life was the worst phase .. but only one thing which help me to drive through that phase was my mother. I always owe her everything for my life .. she gave me motivation to fight .. to sense the beauty of life... To not give up .. and stand back So all my friends it's my frantic request of me to value ur parents ..because at the end they are the only ones who will support in every walk of your life .. depression is very dreadful disease so try to be as happy and elated as u can ..and stop overthinking ...I sucks..😣

Tanya Sahota
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