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Yukti Narotra

Fear is a terrible sensation, one we never, ever want to feel. How lucky ...[Read Full Story]


Jenya Bansal

Extreme fear can neither fought nor fly. If we regularly become excessively nervous before or during an important exam, ....[Read Full Story]


Aman Kumar

I am, like other students, scared of many things. It can range from simply being lonely, or not being able to meet academic expectations ...[Read Full Story]


Aayush Chandra

Going on a ship was one of my worst fears. What if it sinks? I knew I could swim but not in the cold ....[Read Full Story]


Ishpreet Kaur

"In time we hate that which we often fear". It is a quote by Willian Shakespeare and it is quite relatable to my life...[Read Full Story]

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Mahleen Kaur

Fears, what are fears? Getting scared of insects? Well everyone has those but if you ask me my biggest fear ...[Read Full Story]



I am very scared of stromy night .Once I had very sad experience. It was a cloud day . In the evening we went out to play in a park but ...[Read Full Story]



There is always an enemy in our life who always tries to complete with us and wants to win over us. Fear is our one of the enemy which takes...[Read Full Story]


Abhinav Gupta

Fear is like a speed breaker in our path which makes us stumble and even fall hard. When I was 8years old, our family...[Read Full Story]


Guntas Grewal

Like all teenagers, I am a messy bundle of emotions and a little bit of fear  ....[Read Full Story]


Piu Guchhait


Garvit Goyal

Fear, It is a word that scares each and every person and same is with me. I am also afraid of many things such ....[Read Full Story]


Harshita Goyal

Humans are born with only two fears-first, fear of falling and second fear of loud noises. Other than these two fears rest of all of ....[Read Full Story]



We all have a fear of losing someone,We don't want to lose the person who is closest to our heart can ...[Read Full Story]


Vanshika Jagi

Everyone has some type of fears in there life.Somebody have fears of animals, somebody have....[Read Full Story]


Ashna Bansal

"Fears are nothing more than a state of mind."This is the truth but we are not able to make are mind ...[Read Full Story]



As the title suggests, the fear is the biggest restriction as well as heaviest burden in everyone's life . It does not even allow the ..[Read Full Story]


Beant Kaur

Fear is a natural thing for Humans. We adolescents face fear about different things results , exams,friendships etc. I am  ...[Read Full Story]


Ridhi Vashisht

Fear is just a creation of our mind. It is like an unending path of darkness, straying us away from light of ...[Read Full Story]


Kavyaa Goel

When I was 10 years old I was extremely afraid of dark. When the lights went out, everything appeared to me as horrible monsters. My parents ...[Read Full Story]


Medha Sharma

Like everybody has some kind of fear I also had a fear of height which is also known as acrophobia. Earlier, even if I tried to look down the  ...[Read Full Story]


Tamanna Pal

Every child ,teenager and adult has experienced fear in their lives. No matter how big we are,we all have fears. I have ...[Read Full Story]

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Kritika Sharma

One thing that we all experience in our life is called fear ... [Read Full Story]


Dev Rohil

Fear, quite a small word, right? Four letters and one syllable but to many of us, it is as big as any building we may have ever seen. It was... [Read Full Story]


Jeevanjot Kaur

As one grow, grows their fears. Fear is something that don't go easily, but keep on increasing. ....[Read Full Story]


Khushi Sharma

There is an infinite pool of fears an individual comes across in his life and I unequivocally believe that it is ....[Read Full Story]


Riddhi Mertia

If you regularly become excessively nervous before or during an important exam, you may ... [Read Full Story]



The story of the snake fear shows how people face danger and are scared of animals . As children many of us fear ....[Read Full Story]


Ada Arora

One afternoon, my classes got over and Asme and Kyra came up to me, asking to come over to their house. They were easily the most  ..[Read Full Story]


Diksha Godiyal

Today i am telling a story on my fears i am having many fears from darkness, meeting new people and... [Read Full Story]


Pooja Chilwal

My first fear is heights.Whenever I'm in a really high place, I get uncomfortable.I also feel nauseous. These ..[Read Full Story]


Shreshtha Saini 

Every child, teenager and adult has experienced anxiety, fear or worry at some time in their lives. Everyone has their own phobias ..[Read Full Story]


Bharat Bhatt

As we know, everyone is fear of various things like someone is fear of height, fear of deep water, fear of darkness, fear of loneliness..[Read Full Story]



Year 2020 is the most difficult and challenging year for the whole country.the whole country was locked during this lockdown ....[Read Full Story]


Vaibhav Mittal

Fear though a tiny four letters word has a deep influence on an individual. It is a common emotion confronted by almost...[Read Full Story]


Chetna Rana

Everyone have a fear in their lives which they can’t express and deal with.Fear causes a person to overthink about.[Read Full Story]


Krisha Sharma


Mishthi Kaushik



When I was young around nine years old, I was extremely afraid of darkness. When the lights went off every shadow appeared to be..... [Read Full Story]



I had a few unusual guests who visited me at midnight. They would sneak through the scant moonlight  ...[Read Full Story]


Anchal Kanwar

A feeling of respect and wonder for something very powerful Yes I am talking about FEAR So here I am sharing my few incidents....[Read Full Story]


Krishna Goel

One year back when I had just passed my class 10th board exams , some great fears of life came in front of me. Fearof class 10th result , fear ...[Read Full Story]


Dhairya Sood

Speaking of fear, I wanna tell you about my journey and victory over my fear: Stage freight. Who doesn't  ...[Read Full Story]


Aditya Jain

I had one of the most common fears and that was of public speaking. As a child I used to watch children of my age...[Read Full Story]

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