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Riddhi Mertia

Fear of Examination 

If you regularly become excessively nervous before or during an important exam, you may have “testophobia”. More often it is called “examinophobia” or “exam fever”. It is a very common phenomenon among students when an important examination is at their door step. Whoever has said that high school is the best time of your life, is right. Your friends, teachers, first crush, cultural and sports activities — there is so much to cherish. Even if there are bad memories, you cannot forget school in your lifetime. However, before we have the luxury of mourning the loss of friends, there remains the task of taming that bull, euphemistically called the Class 10 CBSE Board exams, one of the most important examinations in life of any high school student. You will realize that fear also has priorities. So while we are all scared of stepping out of school, we are even more scared of the idea of having to stay back.

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Kritika Sharma

Building Self-Confidence From My Fears

One thing that we all experience in our life is called fear. Like in this time of COVID-19, we all are undergoing some type of fear. Luckily, overcoming fear is not at all difficult. Just with some support and confidence you can overcome it. I would like to share a story of mine of how my fear lead me to regain the self-confidence which I had lost. When the lockdown started, I was not aware of COVID-19. Slowly I came to know about it by watching T.V. , reading newspapers, etc. Once COVID-19 patients increased, the 2nd lockdown started. I began to feel more nervousness in me. My father works in the Government department. He often told how COVID-19 patients are increasing in his office. One day he called my mother and told that one of his colleagues is positive for COVID-19 and he (and my father) have to be quarantined. He also said that he need to be kept in a separate room and to kindly arrange that. I asked my mother, "now what?". She seemed to be calm and told me to do what she says. We arranged all the things and when my father came back, he went directly went to that room. I was now tensed; different thoughts came to my mind. I shared my feelings with my mother and she said not to worry because, “fear is common in all and in these times, you can say fear is contagious.” “It can’t be true. I have never seen you and father fear!” I exclaimed. My mother said, “Who said we don’t, we also fear its just that our self-confidence is high when compared to so called fear. You ask how to build self-confidence just say fears are nothing more than a state of mind.” Gradually my fear begin to vanish, my father came out to be healthy and all well that ends well.





Stage Fear

Yukti Narotra

Fear is a terrible sensation, one we never, ever want to feel. How lucky we are to live in a time and place where it’s so often possible to avoid the things that scare us most: violence ,disease, natural disaster, dangerous animal and at least until the very end death instead ,we get to sit around on our widening behinds watching television shows about violence, disease, natural disaster, dangerous animal and death. Today I am going to share a story of mine about fears in front of you. A long time ago when I was 10 years old, I use to go to school with full confidence and joy. One day as soon as I entered my class, one teacher came and made announcement in such a loud voice that it forced me to listen, only to her in that chaos. She said that if anybody interested to participate in the assembly of forth class can stand up. Half of my class stood up for participating in the assembly. I seeing the strength of interested students not interested students. I decided to go with the majority of interested students. Mam wrote my name and gave me topic (amazing fact). I was very excited to speak on this topic. As soon as school got over I ran towards my home. I threw my bag on bed and told mom to tell me about this topic. She explained me everything from start to end. I selected 5 amazing facts from a book and was learning them till 9:00 o’clock of night. The next morning I went to school and was standing backstage. I suddenly started felling scary and of course nervous but I didn’t know what is happening. When my name was called I hesitated in speaking, everyone laughed on me and mam called me backstage , gave my amazing facts to another child on the spot and took me to another room, I cried very much but at last I asked mam what is this feeling called. She replied very sweetly and said this is called stage fear. I didn’t understand but I said ok to her and went to home. I narrated whole story In front of my mom and asked what is stage fear she told everything about this to me and promised her to overcome this fear. After that day I daily started speaking a speech in front of my whole family. Days past and one day same happened again but this time when I was called on stage I was surprised to know that, that feeling which came previous was not this time and I spoke my topic on stage with full confidence and was not hesitated, everyone clapped this time for me and this is how I overcome my stage fear. At last would like to say that too many of us are not living our dreams because we are not living are fears. Thank you


Guntas Grewal

Fear of Change, as I Know It

Like all teenagers, I am a messy bundle of emotions and a little bit of fear. Fear is such a big word and so very vast. I fear silly things like darkness and spiders. Even the thought of this eight-legged creature makes me shudder and I don’t think it is bound to change. But then certain complex things haunt me. One of those is Change. It can be in the form of moving to a new city or even growing up. What are you supposed to do when you are forced to grow up, to change? Abandon your childhood and move on to someone new, someone a little mature, a little less innocent, a little more uncertain, whether or not you want to. Earlier, I used to latch on to what I have because I felt safe and comfortable with it. But then I understood that it does not do to build yourself a comfortable place in the maze of life, pretending that everything is static when it is not and refuse to move into the world. So, I don’t abandon my old self. I just add a new self to the collection of me and we move on somehow, we always do. When I shift to a new place, everything seems so alien, the trees, the roads, the view, the people, and I fear If I will ever fit in. I try so hard sometimes to merge. But I am not able to because maybe I am different. I am not supposed to blend in but stand out. Maybe I am supposed to be out of place, just like the moon during the day. That is how I know change. I don’t like it, but I do put up with it, always.


Jeevanjot Kaur

Handling fears (fear)

As one grow, grows their fears. Fear is something that don't go easily, but keep on increasing. Fears are of various types, like : fear of height , fear of failure, etc. When one thinks that he / she can't do anything and loses hope on themselves, they gain fear. When I was small I had fear of my parents as I grew, grew with me the fear of dogs then dentists and the number kept increasing. But once my guardian, my mentor and my inspiration my grandfather said, "Believing in you can bring you your greatest achievement. Achievement to believe in yourself, that you can do and eventually you will." This is what lead me to think that I am not afraid of anything, it's my feelings and my believe on myself. And then I started learning to say that "I can" and things changed. Whenever I am afraid that my fear can win, I believe in myself and this makes me fight all my fears and now I am a fearless person. So, believe in you and you will.


Aayush Chandra


Going on a ship was one of my worst fears. What if it sinks? I knew I could swim but not in the cold water we were going through to get to Alcatraz Island. We boarded the ship and strong winds pulled us back. I held onto the railings thinking I might get blown off the ship like a comic even though I knew that wouldn’t happen, but I did it just in case. I stuck my tongue out like a dog. On the inside I was trembling with fear hoping nothing would happen to the ship. After a while we got to Alcatraz island. It felt like it took hours but really it didn't take so long. Now I was worried, how do I get back what if the ship never returns? I was trembling with fear partly from maybe not returning and partly because of the look of the Alcatraz Island. We got inside and spotted a lot of jail cells. They were rusted and looked dirty. My heart was beating really fast. The cells had a small toilet and a small bed. We saw a man I was wondering what he was doing then my dad said he was a prisoner before when Alcatraz Island was a jail he was giving out autographs so knew he must have finished his sentence cause there was no way they were going to let him out. Without finishing it we explored more and I was getting more and more eager to go back to the ship and then finally we got back. I was so relieved to see the ship because we were going home but I was still scared because we could sink on the way back also. We got back on the ship. There were still strong winds but I didn't care because I was looking for land like a captain seeking for land. Finally land! We got back on land with nothing to worry about now.


Piu Guchhait



Jenya Bansal

Fear of examinations

Extreme fear can neither fought nor fly. If we regularly become excessively nervous before or during an important exam, we may have "exam fever". This is very common among students when an important examination is at their door step. I also faced this exam fever in my 10th board class. CBSE 10th board exam is one of the most important examination in my life as it helps me to get admission in my dream school. I was very afraid of board exams. As they were approaching, I was becoming more afraid and stressed. I did not have courage to face it. I was not able to sleep properly. I studied for late nights. I was not able to eat properly because of stress. My parents were very tensed for me. My parents wanted that I would get a great success in exams. They and I always prayed to God. One day, my father said that if you will work hard, then you will definitely get the award for this. Only one month was left for the exams. My parents helped me to overcome my fear by helping me in my studies. I learnt a moral that never get afraid of anything, be calm and work hard.



Fear of Reptiles

The story of the snake fear shows how people face danger and are scared of animals . As children many of us fear stray of dogs . Both the adults and children are scared of snakes . When I was 6 years old . I went to my Grandmother house in the village .there I enjoyed and made so many friends . I saw my fields and so many places with my grandmother. One day I was playing with my friends . it was in the evening the sun was going to set . there were dense bushes around the ground . our ball went to the bushes . I went to the bushes and searched for the ball . Suddenly I found something , I thought it was a ball but in actual it was a snake . All shouted and I got the snake bite . My grandmother started crying because it was bleeding a lot . Then everybody took me to the hospital and I was admitted in the hospital . the doctor has given me the antibiotics and I was on complete rest . Then I came back home and I was fine . After this injury I had too much effect . Now I am 16 years old and whenever I see the snake or lizards in the room or around I get panic and started crying . this injury has created a impact on my brain . I am afraid and I had a fear of whole community of Reptiles .

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