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Dev Rohil


Fear, quite a small word, right? Four letters and one syllable but to many of us, it is as big as any building we may have ever seen. It was and still is the same for me too but one never truly conquers it, it is just the matter of making yourself bigger than it until it seems like just a dirt mound. This is the story of me overcoming a fear that all of us have at this stage in our lives, the fear of studies. For different people, it manifests in different ways, for me, it was just the matter of how much of it affected me at that instance, it was sometimes so big that it turned into constant stress and sometimes as small that I forgot about a test on the same day that I was reminded of it in class. I apologized, ready to get a scolding because in reality, I was already scolding myself, but all I got from the other side was reassurance, the simple reassurance that, “don’t worry beta, you can attempt it later, I know you are sincere and capable.” That was all it took, a comforting hand on my shoulder that made me realize that each person is capable, we just need that reassuring voice and that’s how I got out of it, by becoming my own reassuring voice, it’s quite simple and still difficult to achieve but peeking over that mound is the best feeling in the world.


Aman kumar


I am, like other students, scared of many things. It can range from simply being lonely, or not being able to meet academic expectations. Fear has always played a very important role in shaping who I'm today. I first experienced fear from my parents, like other children, and it was justified, as I didn't knew the difference between right and wrong. However, later in my life, this simple fear evolved into my fear of embarrassing myself and my family. I was always scared that I might do something which might bring shame to my family. And school didn't helped in that, as even the school was cause of one of my fears, getting low marks in exams. I didn't developed that much confidence,I always feared getting into fights if I said something wrong. My teachers thought that I was an intelligent kid because I always remained silent in the class and didn't cause disturbance. But I always was and am an average boy in exams.My elder brother is more intelligent and confident than me. As long as I can remember, he always had good marks in his exams. He is a caring brother, but whenever I got average/low marks, or marks lower than my teacher's expectations, he always beaten me, but he was in his teenage years. But even every now and then he gets angry, though he has stopped beating me that much, now he just doesn't talk to me for weeks, which isn't even better as I always feel very guilty about it. But despite that, I have made friends, I know my family is loving and caring. These fears are always something that bother me, but even then, they will be always for a limited time, So I have to indure them. Because it's reward will be happy moments of my life.


Ashna Bansal

Being Fearless

"Fears are nothing more than a state of mind."This is the truth but we are not able to make are mind fearless.I know its really difficult but as we know its just a state of mind. To be honest i am also having many fears. There are many types of fears like fears from examination, from small or tiny creatures, or from animals like lion, from darkness and the one from i think everyone is having fear is our parents just kidding but its the truth you know. Anyways, from fear i am remembering my small story of it. What happened was that in our house we are only five members but 1 more member joined our family who was a rat, yes you read it right a rat. It was not pet but a guest who was not invited. So,one day what happened was that my parents were watching television and a rat came and lied inside by dad's blanket and guess what it started sleeping with my dad,it sounds funny but its my personal story. Then what happened that my dad said that now thats it now this rat is going to count his last minutes in this house amd what he did is started to catch that new member. It was really an amazing time but i was scared too. After many tries the rat still was not caught but what happened was really scaring to me. The rat came towards me running and that rat came till my foot and started to climb and i was screaming and to remember this event in my life is also scary. And finally that rat was caught and finally we were again five members. Whenever now i think of it i always laugh. There are many more moments in my life. If i start to share that it will take 3 days approximately. I also wanna share one more thing. That me amd family were going for vacations in Dubai. I remember one story that was too dangerous and scary and it was my fear and i even overcame it. We went to Dubai amd took a rollercoaster ride only me and my father. Oh my god it was really thrilling and dangerous for me. Firstly when it started i thought it was going to be really enjoyful but my god can't tell i started to cry between the ride and i was screaming and an embarrassing moment took place that kids who were even smaller than me were laughing while taking the ride.It was one of my fears and i think i overcame it. Now i actually think and want to have a ride again. And ya what happened one man said me that please come again here and do take the rollercoaster ride again i started to laugh. Anyways there are many fears as i told you like one more is of that i am afraid of darkness. But i overcame it too. See actually there are many fears but there is not a single person who can't overcome the fears. So, from all these events i have learned one thing that its all a state of mind and if we think we can do it than we can. Just try try but never cry,keep trying and i assure you that one day you will overcome your fear,its my promise to you. Always remember one thing that trust yourselves and believe god. Trust me if you'll make up your mind then nothing will be fearfull for anyone. You'll always be a fearless person. Just have some faith in yourselves and make up your mind and wallah you'll be successful.


 Ada Arora

Fears - Spoiling the fun!

One afternoon, my classes got over and Asme and Kyra came up to me, asking to come over to their house. They were easily the most popular girls in 7th grade. it was unlikely they would even talk to me, since I was such an unpopular person, to make matters worse, who had a serious phobia. I thought there was no harm in this, so I agreed. I rang the doorbell to Asme’s house and many kids along with Asme and Kyra looked at me as Asme opened the door. Instead of letting me in, they led me to a door connected to the house. I let them, which I later realised was a mistake. As soon as I passed through the door, they shut it and I was left alone. In the dark. Now, you might think, I am in 7th grade, why would I be scared of the dark? You see but here’s the thing- I have Nyctophobia. The fear of darkness. This was obviously a plan to make me frightened, which I have to say they succeeded in flawlessly, because the first thing I could think of was to scream on the top of my lungs. I know I ought to be braver, my mom would have encouraged me to take deep breaths in these types of situations where there was no help. Large tear drops streamed down my face and I tried to adjust my eyes into the darkness. I pressed my ear against the door and screamed even louder for help. In return, I heard giggles. Then, realised something. They wanted me to scream and call for help. They thought I was weak. With great effort I wiped my eyes and bit my lip to stop from yelling. 5 minutes past. The giggles started fading. 10 minutes. I could hear them arguing. 15. The door clicked open and a crowd of kids stared at me. “Sorry for spoiling your fun.” That was the only thing I could think of to say.




I am very scared of stromy night .Once I had very sad experience. It was a cloud day . In the evening we went out to play in a park but suddenly the cloud become darker and there was thunder and lightning . A strong wind started blowing . Quickly all my friend and my elder brother gathered our things and we started running toward our house.I was holding a water bottle in my hand. While running the bottle slipped from hand .So I had to bend down to pick it up. In the process I lost sight of the other. They did not notice that I was left behind. Big drop of rain started falling and visibility was low. I tried to see which was the right way to my house. But I was so scared that I could not remember the correct way. I was all alone. It was becoming darker. The wind became more fierce and there was thunder and lightning. I was almost carried away by the strong wind when I caught hold of a tree trunk. Its branches where shaking and I was getting more scared.It seemed to be a long night . I was drenched with rain. The wind it was biting cold. Darkness envelope me from all around. Since then I have developed a fear of storm and darkness .


Mishthi Kaushik

Stage Fear 



Different fears at different times 

There is always an enemy in our life who always tries to complete with us and wants to win over us. Fear is our one of the enemy which takes us to the path of success if we have the the power to overcome from it. Everyone have some fear in their life. A teenage have a fear of negative and positive mind set, an aged person have a fear insecurity and he starts getting pamper over little things also. Even an infant have a fear of going far from from his mother. Fear is just an negative emotional state of mind. Like everyone else, I also had many fear in my life. The fear in me changed with time. As a small kid, just like an ordinary kid I was afraid of dark, had a very strong belief in ghosts and spirits and many more. But with the passing time I was able to make me strong and convince myself by saying it a myth and there is nothing like that. I entered the most important part in my life that is the teenage. As we have heard that teenage is an age of changes in our life. Some good and some bad changes. Some changes would enlighten our path and some might pull us back. At it age, I got distracted. I lagged behind in studies. But my parents had expected very much from me. So the only fear in my mind was not to shake their image and reputation in my life. I was not able to decide what to do and how to do. I had two choices one is to Forget Everything And Run and other one is Face Everything And Rise. I went with the second option. But then the problem was how to do? But then finally I came back on the right track and everything was good again. I have stage phobia and animal phobia, not from the childhood, but if I would go on the stage or even in front of my own class I would become conscious and would not able to speak anything. It would be seen as my throat is choked. But after sometime I would become normal. Then my sister told me to stand in front of mirror and speak with yourself for sometime. This would build up your self confidence and now I can atleast stand in front of my class. But I still don't have that much confidence to come up on stage. But I am still an animal phobic and hope that one day I would win over all of my fear. But don't know when would that day come?


Pooja Chilwal


My first fear is heights.Whenever I'm in a really high place, I get uncomfortable.I also feel nauseous. These physical reactions are a result of my fear. The idea of falling from an extreme height. I have always been afraid of heights my whole life. I avoid going to high places whenever possible. My second fear is darkness. When it is dark, I can't see anything that is around me. I also can't see where i am going. This creates a very dangerous situation. The feeling of being vulnerable is the basis of this fear. There is no way of knowing what might be just beyond what i can see. Our mind creates all types of scary scenarios that are probably scarier than what is actually hiding in the dark. While many people share the same types of fears. I am espically scared of heights, darkness . I am sure that one day, I will overcome all of my fears. It is suggested that the best way to get over a fear is to confront it.

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