Garvit Goyal


Fear, It is a word that scares each and every person and same is with me. I am also afraid of many things such as from of darkness which is also called nyctophobia and it is a very common fear which almost every child has. There are many surveys conducted and almost 90% of children are afraid of darkness. So, once upon a time I was sleeping and I woke up in the middle of the night and see that it's all dark around me and I started running because I did not wanted to face the darkness and swiftly ran towards my parents room and the thing I saw left me shocked that there was no one in the room. So, I ran back towards my room took a blanket and started speaking 'HANUMAN CHALISA' so that I could overcome my fair and it worked, I became very confident and started roaming in my house and suddenly I heard my mother calling me but I was unable to find her and I woke up and then realized that it was a dream and told the whole incident to my parents and they said to remember one word 'PAIN' which means P-Positive A-Attitude I-In N-Negative S-Situation so,always be positive as it builds our confidence and helps to overcome anxiety and they also said to take deep breathes and start thinking about something that amuse you and stop thinking about the fear.




Year 2020 is the most difficult and challenging year for the whole country.the whole country was locked during this lockdown.But there is a good news during these hard time.By staying at home,most of the people bring a new version of themselves.some of them might have learn quite new things,some might have discovered the talent hidden in them or some of them might have overcome the difficulties/fears of their life and so many things.Before this lockdown,I srishti,used to have a cynophobia (fear of dogs) and i hate maths that much that i started having a fear of maths.I was too scared of maths and dogs since i was a kid.I never scored good marks in maths and i never go to that place where i saw dogs.During lockdown once i saw some puppies near my house.They were starving.So, I feed them some food.After that i found that there there was a small house in the park where the puppies were living.So, I started feeding them everyday.After feedings,they all come and started playing with me. After that I get to know that actually dogs are not that much scary they are very good,nice and faithful to everyone,until or unless we harm them.As for maths,I started spending more time on mathematics compared to other subjects. I also got a very good tutor to instruct me.she explains every thing in a very simple way.Her teaching makes me very confident.I started having fun and enjoying maths.In the last exams i even scored good marks in maths. From these incidents and this lockdown i learned one thing is that to overcome our fears we have to face the fears and never should be afraid of any phobia.At any time,any moment we should have positive thoughts and think about positive results to face any fear.Now last but not the least is that we should try to overcome our fears till the end..


Harshita Goyal


Humans are born with only two fears-first, fear of falling and second fear of loud noises. Other than these two fears rest of all of them are learnt through the course of life. As we start growing and become aware of the world around us, we subconsciously start learning fears as well,like fear of failure,fear of losing your loved ones,fear of darkness and many more. Sometimes fear is important for us to keep ourselves and others in check. When you fear of losing your loved ones you take care of them or keep a check that they don't harm themselves in any manner. When we fear of failing in something, we work hard to succeed. I feared about failing and future all the time. I could not stop thinking about what if I make wrong choices and end up failing in future. When the time came to make a career choice it felt like I was standing in some sort of maze. There were so many thoughts rushing into my mind all the time,like,what if I I don't like my work,what if I don't succeed and many more. These thoughts were certainly coming to my mind because I wanted things to be perfect in my life.I didn't want to waste my time in switching my careers. All I could imagine was a perfect life where I wouldn't be just successful but absolutely love my work. My parents tried to talk me out of it but I still couldn't concentrate on my present. We all have heard its important to go with flow,stop planning things that you can't control and enjoy the journey to reach to your destination. But it's not as simple as to apply this in real. I didn't only talk to my parents but all the people in my family who could advice me regarding my problems. I had these conversations so many time that I finally realized that thinking about the future is of no use until and unless I start concentrating on my present. This realization not only gives me peace of  mind but control of my present as well.


Vaibhav Mittal

Conquering My Fear of Writing

Fear though a tiny four letters word has a deep influence on an individual. It is a common emotion confronted by almost every person at least once in his or her lifespan. Many people live lives devoid of joy, comfort, and pleasure, but no one escapes the experience of fear and pain (its companion). Fear of loud noises, strangers, darkness, fictional creatures, water, fire, heights, seclusion or animals is ordinary amongst the people. But my fear is a bit unalike. I fear of writing essays or articles or expressing myself in my own words. I loathe writing huge essays or descriptive paragraphs in exams too. Due to this reason alone I hate English and Hindi exams (distinctly Section- B and D) in which I am compelled to pen down myriad of words on a single topic (often extempore). I always tend to avoid them and attempting them at the end. Whenever I am supposed to write on some topic myself my mind stops performing, my hands become cold and dry and my face turns as white as a sheet. Though at such situations I get aid from the Google and some writing tools but it is not possible in case of exams. It is quoted that” If you are wearing shoes, you don’t fear the thorns”. Therefore to battle with my phobia and to conquer it I practiced a lot to write in my own words during the lockdown. In addition I started reading more and more books and also listened to the public speeches of the famous politicians and industrialists. And this story is a result of this practice only.



My Fear - came true

We all have a fear of losing someone,We don't want to lose the person who is closest to our heart can run away from us and never come back,even if we want to. I also have fear that I will lose someone who is closest to our heart,but now I am not afraid because when we learn how to face our fear than that fear gets over. My biggest fear is losing my family . Last month my fear turns into reality when my mother passed away,she is no more. It is very difficult to me and my family to accept this truth ,we feel that she is alive and with us all time while the truth is that she is no More. For us , this truth is not less than a shock . Maybe she also want to spend a little more time with us but God didn't want. Now only her memories are left. Now I have decided not to be afraid of any fear of death . I have come to know that we all have to died one day,why should not we spend our rest of life without any fear? Why don't we change our fear into our strength and live our life with full of happiness and joy. Turn your fear into your strength and than you will become fearless.....


Chetna Rana

My Fear of grades

We all have a fear of losing someone,We don't want to lose the person who is closest to our heart can run away from us and never come back,even if we want to. I also have fear that I will lose someone who is closest to our heart,but now I am not afraid because when we learn how to face our fear than that fear gets over. My biggest fear is losing my family . Last month my fear turns into reality when my mother passed away,she is no more. It is very difficult to me and my family to accept this truth ,we feel that she is alive and with us all time while the truth is that she is no More. For us , this truth is not less than a shock . Maybe she also want to spend a little more time with us but God didn't want. Now only her memories are left. Now I have decided not to be afraid of any fear of death . I have come to know that we all have to died one day,why should not we spend our rest of life without any fear? Why don't we change our fear into our strength and live our life with full of happiness and joy. Turn your fear into your strength and than you will become fearless.....


Vanshika Jagi

My Fear of losing of loved ones 

Everyone has some type of fears in there life.Somebody have fears of animals,somebody have fears of heights etc. But I have fear of losing my loved ones.Now you all are thinking that I am honna talk about my bf. Hahaha!! Your guess is totally wrong . Loved ones does not mean bf or gf. For a daughter her only loved is her Dad . In my mind there is always a fear of losing him. One day this fear turned into a fact. On "6,October,2018" I lost my dad after this day my life was fully changed and on that day my exams were on going . From morning my heart was beating very fast . I was wortied tha why? Was my heart beaying this faster. When I was giving paper suddenly my mam came to me and told me that my maternal is here to pick me. I was shocked. I thought that my dad wass ill early morning may be they have admitted dad in hospital and they need me at home but I was totally wrong when I reached home and saw my porch there were couples of shoes pair presented. I thought that may be some guests are at home. Again , I was wrong . When I entered the house there was a body cpvered with a blanket I can't recognise it at all . When I entered the second room all were crying and my maternal grandma told me that "your dad is no more". At that I was in shock suddenly I just seated on my knees. That was a movement I can't forget at all . All ritiuals were performed which we perform in a hindu culture. For one month I was not in my sense that time I was felling that please dad come to me. But when I saw my mom who has made courage for me and my sister and not to cry in front of us. Then I came out of that troma and realised that one day we all have to go to heaven. In fact there is a proverb in hindi that "Jo aya hai usse ek na ek din jana hi hai".After seeing my mother courage I also became strong and overcomed out from these incident . After this incident my fear has gone through my mind but not from my heart because you can overcome from that thing but not overcome with the feelings towards that person. This is the story of my fear this is very personal to me but I have to become strong and have to give courage to other teenagers out there that why I have shared this thing with you.


Krisha Sharma


Mahleen Kaur

My Fears 

Fears, what are fears? Getting scared of insects? Well everyone has those but if you ask me my biggest fear is losing,well actually not losing its coming 2nd.In my life if i participated in anything one thing is for sure i never lost but i’d rather lose than having come second, it's not that i mind coming 2nd because i know it takes lots of effort to even come second but every time i come second i hear my parents fighting which i absolutely hate.I know i am more competent than everyone thinks i am even though i don’t get that good of grades i am good at many things. My second biggest fear is betrayal and being left all alone.There is something i can say that in my life i have never got any true friends,they all leave me in the end, even though i am used to it now but it still hurts whenever someone i care about turns out to be just using me.I am not a pushover so i don’t deserve to be treated like that.My third biggest fear would be being called a loser,which happens very often.Even though people don’t call me a loser directly but indirectly they always do.I used to never sit alone, talk to everyone and laugh, now i don’t even talk, I hate to talk to people. I don’t want anyone new in my life because i know they will also leave me sooner or later. If you ask people around me if i am strong or weak,i mean mentally,They will say i am strong because i don’t cry easily in front of people, I am pretty good at comebacks now but something they don’t know is i am not strong, I cry to bed every night,i am an expert in silent cries now. In conclusion my fear would be being a piece of trash.


Diksha Godiyal

My Fears

Hi, so today i am telling a story on my fears i am having many fears from darkness,meating new people and speaking on stage.... So, it's my story of a compatition it's 2020 i participate in debate compatition, i never ever participate in debate compatition . I am very nervous for my first round , saying true so i participate in it because we have to make video as all know that in 2020 we are having lockdown so i don't have to go on stage and perform ya that i have tell previously its my biggest fear to perform on stage 😁 . The time has come to give speech its first round to make a video and in that video we have to give speech . I am carrying my nervousness, my fear and with 50% confedece i do it after few days i get my result i am selected 🥳 i am so so happy but the next round is debate but i am not that much affrade this time i am some confident .next day i joined the metting and first i see my team members after that i am supporting my team some time later from the other team a girl ask me a question and my legs and hands were shaking i reply to here but when i see here facial expression she was not satisfied with it😑 then she ask again. In hindi we say na ki "rashan pani la kar char gayi ya to mara upar"😞 bass that happened with me and i am not able to reply to her and then ma'am said bass it's finished leave meeting all the participants and i leave meeting i am so so so worried and when result came i am discoulified from compatition.i am heart but then i think that it's good na i over come from my fear i win from my fear, i am happy 🤗 and i said to my self that next time i will be selected because this time i defeat my fear ... 👍 So ya this is my story of fear 🙏......

Pranav Sharma


As the title suggests, the fear is the biggest restriction as well as heaviest burden in everyone's life . It does not even allow the victim to give his or her's 100 percent in their activities. A person who is afraid is not even able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. So as resulted in my life , Earlier , I used to go to my cricket academy for practicing as in childhood every boy dreams to be in blue jersey one day and bring pride to his country so amongst them was me. I used to go willingly but deep inside my heart , I had a fear of being hit and getting injured badly by the hard leather ball but always I tried to hide it from others. But one day, it came out and came out even more badly in front of my coach. The scenario was that , my coach gave 6 hard balls to bigger players and ordered them to throw to me with some pace and I have to defend it using a stump and resulted in the worst batting I had ever done till present. after seeing this my coach called up to me and asked the reason. I told him the whole feeling truly. Then he just said one line that is an source of inspiration for till now. He said ,"In this world their is an excellent phenomena that if you are suppressed from yourself , the whole world is standing to suppress you and if you are courageous enough then even whole world cannot suppress you then this leather ball is so small ." Similarly fear is just a liability of your subconscious mind and if you throw away it then the fear is just a matter of laugh nothing else.



Fear is soft and smooth.

When I was young around nine years old, I was extremely afraid of darkness. When the lights went off every shadow appeared to be the most terrible monsters. My parents explained me everyday with a lot of patience that those shadows were not monsters, but I could not stop feeling an awful fear whenever it was dark. Then one day a lady named Geetanjali came to meet my family. She was famous for her courage and for going on journeys of adventure. I want to conquer my fear of dark, so I asked her whether she was ever frightened. Then she said that she too when was small was afraid of the dark. And she was not able to stay in the darkness for even a moment. I got excited as I thought that it was impossible someone so courageous now, was afraid of the dark. Then she said I will tell you a secret. Then I excitedly asked her about that secret. She told that the secret is that Dharvi you change your eyes. I was totally confused about what she was saying. Then she explained me that Dharvi, you know that the blind children can't see, they have made their hands as their eyes. She told that all you need to do is shut the eyes of your face and open the eyes of your hands. And I was completely surprised when I came to know that my hands too have eyes (thought just in fun). Then she made a deal that when you go to sleep and turn off the lights, then if you get scared close your eyes and carefully get up from your bed and try to locate, what is that which is scaring you. But Dharvi remember you have to use your hands as your eyes and tell your mom tomorrow what happened. I bravely accepted it in front of her, but was afraid from inside. When my parents took me to my bed and put out the light. Then a little later I felt afraid of one of the shadow in my room. Following the words of that lady I closed the eyes of my face and opened the eyes of my hands. And gathering up the courage, I went to touch that shadow. And it turned to be the shadow of my teddy bear. Then the next morning I came close to my mother with a big smile on my face and cried that the shadow which I saw yesterday in my room, was of my cute teddy bear which was lying on the table near my bed.......... From that day I started being brave and then was never afraid of dark.........


Beant Kaur


Fear is a natural thing for Humans. We adolescents face fear about different things results , exams, friendships etc. I am no exception to this. Yes, I feared. I feared to lose my school , going to a new one , to lose my friends. After 10th, during this pandemic of Covid 19 I faced a dilemma whether to stay in my school or join a school in Chandigarh , far away from my locality. I was worried after all I had spent my last 10 years in that school , I was emotionally attached to its every corner and the people there. Joining a new school was not my cup of tea. But Gmsss16 offered better subjects and opportunities. I thought deeply. Finally I took the decision and got admission in Chandigarh. Initially I was worried . Now when I am currently in 12 here I realize my decision was correct. I have learnt and explored so much here. Moreover teachers and students are just amazing. I am glad that I took this decision.



I had a few unusual guests who visited me at midnight. They would sneak through the scant moonlight. Giving me their scathing advice, they would tell me to mend my ways. "You aren't good enough", "everybody hates you", "you don't deserve anything" were a few of their favourite words. I would sob until I felt suffocated. My overwhelmed emotions would often outburst out of blue. I felt messed up, wreaked, stressed and anxious about everything at once. These thoughts would shove me into an inevitable abyss. It became worse when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. It came at a moment when I was already having a hard time. It completely shattered me. This truth dawned on me as a heavy wave pushing you to the shore. I was trying to lift myself earlier but it just all came down. It was like a catastrophe. Staying emotionally and physically strong was a task for me. Having no one to talk to, to share my thoughts, to calm my storms, was another difficult challenge for me. I wasn't able to trust anyone. I was paranoid. Eventually, I realised the hard way that no one can help me if I won't help myself. I have become my therapist. Now I quest for happiness in every little thing. It's a slow and steady process. I have started doing meditation and yoga. It is amusing how certain good habits can show great results. I am improving, growing and learning each passing day. We should never feel inferior and unworthy. Everyone has a purpose. Sharing our experiences might make someone feel valid and relatable.


Ridhi Vashisht


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself -Franklin D. Roosevelt Fear is just a creation of our mind. It is like an unending path of darkness, straying us away from light of success. Here is a little incident on how I overcame my fear of darkness On a warm summer day,stood a brunette playing hide-n-seek with her brothers, Oh! Only my brothers know how stubborn and persistent I was on being the seeker. Throwing a fit, I was indeed giving them a headache. My brothers finally gave up and let me be the seeker. Little did I knew that they were planning an evil scheme. After counting till 20, I started to find my brothers. After wondering almost everywhere, I stood in front of the room I dreaded the most 'THE STOREROOM'. A shiver ran down my spine. I started calling out— 'Bother are you there'... Poor me fell into their trap and went inside the room. Then suddenly the door close and the lights went out. I started banging on the door; yelling for my brothers to show up 'BROTHER PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR' 'PLEASE HELP ME I'M SCARED'...... But no one answered. I was a crying mess. I felt like something was there but later realized it was just a chair. After what felt like an eternity the door opened. I ran outside and started hugging my brothers. Later that night when I walked alone in dark, I wasn't fazed a bit instead I felt victorious after winning over my greatest tear—--THE FEAR OF DARK, That day our little I understood--- THAT MONSTERS ARE NOT UNDER OUR BED BUT INSIDE OUR HEAD


Anchal Kanwar


A feeling of respect and wonder for something very powerful Yes I am talking about FEAR... So here I am sharing my few incidents where I have faced fear in my life. Once I was in division fifth I had got four marks out of ten in English I was too much scared that my mom will beat me with her slipper then all my way between my school to home I think alot to protect myself but in unfortunately nothing came to my mind because I was having fear in my mind because of fear nothing came to my mind then I decided to overcome my fear😢. And when I reached home mom asked me to show the test then I showed her my test but nothing happened 🤔my mom was calm and smiling at me I thought that she will beat me but she said that I am proud of you that you dint lied at least and she said that practice more next time to get good marks. One more incident I want to share 😁 once my father was not well his condition was like he will not 😭survive .Me and my mom was too too much scared but my mom gave me confidence and said trust in GOD he will definitely help us then I stared praying to God and mumma taked papa to the hospital then in the afternoon papa came back and he was well and good like before... If u will be scared fear will more scare you so please always over come your fear and always trust in GOD he will always help us


Kavyaa Goel


'Feel the fear and do it anyway.' FEAR OF DARKNESS When I was 10 years old I was extremely afraid of dark. When the lights went out, everything appeared to me as horrible monsters. My parents explained me everyday that these are not monsters. One day , my aunt came to our house, I told her about my fear. She gave me an example of blind people. They can't see the things which we can see. But then also they live without complaining. They can't see with the eyes on their faces but can see with the eyes on their hands. She told me that when I will go to my bed, switch off lights , close your eyes and open the eyes of your hands. I was nervous but I went to my bed ,switched off the lights, closed my eyes and started walking. After walking 2 -3 steps I banged into the monster I was afraid of and it was too soft and fluffy . That monster was my Teddy Bear. F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal.