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Aaditya Pratap Singh

Frustration-My Story& Experiences

I got frustrated and did something unusual. You might be thinking that why am I sharing my personal talks? So, I want to tell you that I am sharing my experiences of frustration. I am not some celebrity or a big businessman. I am just a common teenager. So I am sharing some of stories where frustration played disturbing roles on me and also how I dealt with it. • One day when my mother was having online classes, I had to post that recording somewhere. When I was doing that, my mom asked whether I had completed my own homework. She scolded me badly for not doing my homework. In anger I just deleted that video and was very happy. But later I realized how wrong it was as my mother got scolding from her principal and I was then not at all happy learning this. • On another occasion, I was playing cricket and one of my friend cracked a joke on me and I felt insulted as all laughed on me. In frustration, while at home, I slapped my little sister without any reason and got a slap too from my mother. I felt ashamed for that. These events describe how harmful can frustration be if not handled properly. At first I didn’t know what was happening. Then when I grew up in awareness, I understood it better. Now, I remain calm and think of the reasons behind the frustration with patience. I started playing with my friends and having good daily routine and this helped me a lot in dealing with my frustration better.


Sheran Taneja


I am a teenage student.Studying in high school like other teen students.once my teacher scolded me because of my best friend.There was not my fault and i got very angry felt depressed and frustrated because i got punishment and co-ordinater ma'am was called. Ma'am didn’t even listened to me and my bestie also changed her color in front of ma'am. That day I realized no one is our and we have to stand for yourself.Then i went home i was very angry so deal with my frustration in the following ways: 1)practice stress management breathing exercise. 2) I talked to my parents and it helped me a lot.I think sharing our problem and splitting out what you think helps you a lot. 3)manage your expectations from others. 4)take a break stop being angry try to be positive. 5) best thing to do is if you cant talk to anyone is pin down your thought your negative feeling and then burn that paper or flush it away.As pen and paper are our best friend.


Mental Stress & Frustration

Once upon a time I was very frustrated when was doing my winter vacation holiday homework. I was thinking that how can I do all this homework in just 10 days + exam preparation also it is impossible for me to do it then my mother came and told me that what happened then I told her that I am very much frustrated with this homework so then she gave me a book to read I read it . It was quite interesting. The next day I had to go to sleep early as from tomorrow my online classes would start I was quiet worried that still one assignment is left what would Ma’am say tomorrow. Than at night when I slept I started dreaming and these things from the book came into my Mind :what is it that heals ? How should I heal my mental stress ? these are some necessary questions of deep concern to all of us but the answer is the same to all the questions: This healing power is the subconscious mind of every person, and this stressful mental attitude in the growing of a child leads to frustration. The major cause of frustration are our unproven or irritation all beliefs. Beliefs are the thoughts In our mind that cause the power of our subconscious to be distributed into all phases of our life according to our thinking habits. The belief of our mind is simply the thought of our mind. It is foolish to believe in something that will hurt or harm you. Remember, it is not the thing believed in that hurts your hands you but the belief or thought in your mind that creates the result. The most important point to remember is this : once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it. It is an attorney string and septal truth that the law when applied in a negative way is the cause of failure frustration and unhappiness. When your habitual thinking is harmonious and constructive, however, you experience perfect health, success and prosperity. The law of mind is this: The response you get from your subconscious mind will be determined by the nature of the thought or idea you hold in your conscious mind. Our Subconscious mind is creative. If you think good; good will follow you, If you think evil ; evil will follow you. Remember, your subconscious mind does not engage whether your thoughts are good or bad, true or falls. It responds a grounding to the nature of your thoughts or suggestions for example if you Consciously assume that something is true even though it may be falls your subconscious will accept as true and proceed to bring about results that must necessarily follow because you consciously assumed it to be true. Than I understood that I was uselessly worried ; instead I should have faith on my mind.. Lets pledge to bring changes in ourselves and promise that from know on we will not take stress at all even if we are going through a difficult situation we will be calm, cool and have faith on our subconscious mind……….Raise your hands and just when I raised my hand in excitement, my mother grabbed hold of me and reminded me to log into my online classes. I quickly logged into my laptop and searched the present date. 30th September, 2020 it read and I smiled to myself for it was just a dream! A dream filled with hope and vision … to make me realize that God wished the power of each one of us to be enough to makes this world a better place for you and for me.

Shereen Makroo


Alok Singh


I am a teenage student. Studying in 11th class like other teen students. I know you can understand what is importance of respect for student like me or elders, from the smaller children. Once I was frustrated when both my brother and my sister talking with me in a bad manner, they everytime argued with me and don't give me respect. I told my mother these things and there was no reply from her to them. Rather she was support them. I was very frustrated from the behavior of my mom. In anger I went to my bedroom and started breaking some glass. My mom came there and slapped on my face. Then I went to my friend's house. He told me these kinds of things keep happening in the life. Then I back to home. I went to my room and started listening sad song with calm mind. After some time I realized that this kinds of things keep happens with the elder son of house. After thinking about life in briefly my frustration and anger gone away. After that day, whenever I was frustrated, I would sit calm and listen sad songs, which would remove my frustration.





Frustration is when we feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled. There would be many situations where we’d feel frustrated. I am going to share one of my experience here. When I was 10 years old, I played Basket ball at my school .I was very good at it. Once we had a basketball match coming up and I was very excited as it was my first basketball match. I was preparing very well for it. There were my seniors also in the team. On the day of the match, we practiced once and went to attend our classes as the match was in the afternoon. Two hours before the match, a senior teammate of mine told me that the match had been cancelled. She lied to me as she didn’t want me to be a part of the match, but I didn’t realize that and believed her.The match started and I had no knowledge of it. While I was going to the washroom I met my friend, she asked me why was I not in the ground for the match .I went outside and checked and saw that the match was going on.I quickly changed and went for the match .I played for a short while. I was feeling very frustrated and sad about why my teammate lied to me. Was I not a good player?What I learnt from this incident was that frustration gives you stress and anxiety .I convinced myself that I should not feel demotivated by such incidents as there will be more such incidents in our life. No matter what happens to us, it should not affect our confidence. We should face it with courage.


Dealing with exasperation

I used to be frustrated from life and it drove me crazy because it didn’t make any sense as I come from a very supportive family. I have wonderful friends yet I was incredibly exasperated. I always felt what I was doing is not enough and the relationships in my life didn’t gave me a warm feeling inside. It all began when I was 13. During the pandemic it became much worse as being socially distant from friends and family heightened my frustrations, anxieties and insecurities but also it helped me turn my frustration with life into one of my biggest strengths as I was so tired of living the life full of anxiety, fear and so many other evil emotions which were constantly bringing the thought of putting a full stop to my life in my mind. One day while I was doing my regular chores I came across a very thought provoking sentence which read, “The more entitled you feel, the more frustration you experience.” This simple observation made me realize that the root cause of my frustration was always expecting more than I had. It triggered a change in my mindset . I started connecting myself to the little things in my life which gave me joy. I no longer experience the same levels of frustration. There’s a deeper connection between the thoughts I used to have earlier and what they were in real. Now I am living with the deeper sense of fulfillment and peace. I still experience frustration and I am still insecure about some things. But the difference is that now I see them in a different way . They create a life force within me . They remind me of what I was before and how miserable it was. The life that I am living now is such a beautiful way to live life . I feel connected to my own self . I understand my limitations and try to live within them , rather than living a life based on illusions.

Shreshtha Saini

Komal Attri

Komal Attri


We all make efforts to satisfy our wants, desires, goals, etc. But however, we our often unable to reach our targets because of some barriers in our path. It could be a traffic jam which prevents us from that goal. Due to which we are frustrated. Frustration is a feeling of anger - disappointment from daily life. It can be seen in all of us from time to time. A person makes a lot of expectations and is unable to fulfil those, so he may appear to be frustrated along with bad mood, anger, regret and irritation. Frustration on daily basis can lead to lose of confidence of one which may make more regrets later. In a student it can be seen as expecting good results by working hard but if result isn't up to the point. In this case students may loose hope. As a student, I may wish to enjoy a bit of my life by doing the things I love, but as we grow up these wishes die because of our daily routine which doesn't allow us to do these things and due to this overloaded work and a busy day, I feel frustrated at night. But a good night sleep and a little talk with my loved ones are the small things which help me to overcome from frustration and I use to be happy.

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Mahleen Kaur 


Sometimes do you go to talk to a person and that person either ignores you or just tells you to go away and you just keep standing there dumbfounded not knowing what just happened? Well that kind of person who just tells you to go away would be me. Some people even wonder what’s the matter with me. Well lets just say i get frustrated if someone even talks to me nowadays because they usually do talk either to ask for help or to put their own beliefs and values on my head. Just tell me this sister, why would I listen to you if you tell me to sit like a girl or talk like a girl, girls should help in household chores or should know household chores, when on the other hand my father doesn’t even know how to warm water in a kettle. Am I supposed to be ashamed that I don't sit or walk like a “girl''? I don’t think so. Another thing that frustrates me is when people tell me to do things when I actually am just getting up to do those. I think this is a common feeling but it's still annoying. The next thing that I hate and frustrates me to core is spreading hate without a reason. How can you hate someone when you don’t even know what they have been through. Keep your own self or your family members in their place and then say the same thing. I think you will love it then. Won’t you? I am not saying here to like everyone because you can’t and that's what makes us humans but spreading hate towards anyone without a reason in my opinion is just hogwash and inhumane. Continue it unless you are mentally ill.

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