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Aaditya Pratap Singh

I got frustrated and did something unusual. You might be thinking that why am I sharing my personal....[Read Full Story]

Shreshtha Saini

Dealing with exasperation I used to be frustrated from life and it drove me crazy because it didn’t make any sense as I come from a very ...[Read Full Story]


Frustration is when we feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled. There would be many situations where we’d feel frustrated. I am going to share one...[Read Full Story]

Sheran Taneja

am a teenage student.Studying in high school like other teen students.once my teacher scolded me because of my best friend.There was ...[Read Full Story]

Alok Singh

I am a teenage student. Studying in 11th class like other teen students. I know you can understand what is importance of respect for student ..[Read Full Story]

Shereen Makroo

Once upon a time I was very frustrated when was doing my winter vacation holiday homework. I was thinking that how can I do all this ...[Read Full Story]