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Apaar Sood

Meaning  of Happiness 

I celebrate my birthday with joy and excitement on 25th March, but this year, it was different. My uncles, aunts and cousins, who always come, weren’t there due to COVID-19. I always enjoy the feeling when everyone is there and really like it when all the people are chatting with everybody else. This year, the house felt like it was not filled with that feeling of joy and mirth. But I still wasn’t sad. I felt happy because my family members were trying to make the day special for me. All of them woke up till 12 a.m. to be the first to wish me and we even had a small party of chips and nachos. On my birthday, even if I didn’t get any presents or no one came to our house, I felt happy. I felt special. Now that I think about it, no one needs presents and gifts on a special occasion, they need to get a feeling of happiness. Whether that be from a small party or a surprise, the person should feel special. In retrospect, I see that, in all of my birthdays, I felt happy and special. In all the birthdays of my family members following my birthday, I made sure that a Zoom meet with all our relatives was organised. So, what I want to say is that happiness doesn’t come from gifts or presents, it comes when someone tries to make you feel special.


Shreshtha Saini

Pursuit of happiness

What is happiness ? A feeling that comes over you when you know that your life is good. For some it may come from materialistic things and for others it may lie in the work they do. There is always something new around the corner. It looks shiny and new in the store. But immediately as soon as you open the package it begins to perish, spoil or fade. The joy experienced lasts a few moments . This is known as materialistic possession. For a long time my happiness lied in materialistic things. But pandemic taught me the real meaning of happiness as all possessions are temporary by nature. The pursuit and purchase of physical possessions will never fully satisfy our desire for happiness. It may result in temporary joy for some, but the happiness found in buying a new item rarely lasts longer than a few days. What lasts a lifetime is the moments shared with the loved ones. During the pandemic I realized that being around my family gave me eternal joy. I felt the happiest when I sat with my grandma , played with my younger brother , chatted with my sister on random topics. Sometimes even baking cakes in the kitchen was an ultimate source of joy and laughter. I enjoyed the company of others and lived in peace and harmony with my mind , body and soul. Now I know that for being truly happy I don’t need materialistic things. All I need is to appreciate the little things in my life. I am completely aware of the fact that happiness found outside is temporary but happiness found within is permanent.


Ananya Sharma 

Spreading happiness 

A year ago everything was normal and suddenly corona virus came in our country and for our safety lockdown was declared. 1st 2,3 weeks were normal but after a month I was so disturbed from staying at home and I don't want to do anything and then I saw a video that video was saying that we should spread happiness to each other and that video made me smile too after watching the video I started being happy and now I also try to spread happiness. I only say one thing that a happy person makes everyone happy and everyone loves to be with him .

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