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Dharuv Teji

Lesson learned

As we know now-a-days our youth became slothful and they are not preferred a balanced diet rather eating all sorts of harmful foods. There are many issues which happening..not a prediction. My story is also related to balance diet which made me so Expeditious. Now I manage everything on time. I take tuition classes from 9th to 10th students and I also studying. I am in 12th class. I also go for walking in evening which is very important for being a fit. Once upon a time my school NSS (National survey scheme)camp going on timings was very hard from 9 am to 3 pm. After reaching home I felt so exhausted, tired. Why! Because I does not take my meal on time and after that I also teach to students which is my hobby. On that days my father scolded me and they told me If you don't take your meal on time so you will become feeble. They daily scolded me but I don't got their words seriously. One day I really felt depressed due to accumulated work. Then I started meditation for only 7 minutes a day and started taking meal on time. Now I became so expeditious and i really thankful to my parents, teachers and friends for boosted me for Righteousness.


Aanchal Arora

Lesson learned from Covid-19

My story is about my neighbor's who were once corona positive but they are all good now. The thing that had a deep impact on me was that when they come back after recovering from corona how people treat them people did not deal well with him. The rest of the neighbours was a strange kind. Even one of the family member who became corona positive was one of my age girl. We both were good friends. Those who were her friends were also not talking to her whenever she come to play with us either all the children would go to their house or they all got away from her. She told me how they were treated there(hospital). He was kept in a separate room,living alone for the whole day. No one would talk and even used to give food. She told that his father is a patient of heart and sugar. So he has to face a lot of problems. She also told that his father suffer a lot where they should have got good health care they had to starve all day she cry... I thought that where we should have given them comfort,we all running away from them. Where we should have supported them, we are not talking to them. But all is well with time, they are good now and happy they had to face a lot of pain but some say that if the end is good then all is well Moral: We should all help to each other because one day we also have to face a difficult time.....


Goldy Saxena

Strong Will - Lesson Learned 

 मेरा नाम गोल्डी है। मैं भारत देश में रहती हूँ और भारत देश की ही वासी हूँ। सबसे पहले तो मैं आपका आभार व्यक्त करना चाहती हूँ कि आपने मुझे मेरे अनुभव आप सबके सामने प्रस्तुत करने का यह सुनहरा मौका दिया। मैं अपने डर के बारे मैं बताना चाहती हूँ। बचपन से ही मेरे घर में एक डर का माहौल बना रहता था। मेरे परिवार में सब मेरी पढ़ाई -लिखाई के विरुद्ध थे और वो नहीं चाहते थे कि मैं अपनी पढाई पूरी करू। परन्तु मुझे पढ़ने का बहुत शौक था और अभी भी है। मैंनें हार नहीं मानी और अपनी पढाई को जारी रखा, इस बात कि परवाह किए बिना कि मेरा परिवार क्या सोचता है और आज मैं 12वी कक्षा में पढ रही हूँ। अंत मे मैं इतना ही कहना चाहूँगी कि हमे अपने हालातों को देखकर रोने की वजाय उनसे बाहर आने का रास्ता खोजना चाहिए जैसे मैंने खोजा। धन्यवाद


 Sneha Sharma

Lesson Learned 

 “I am not weird I am unique.” It is said that ‘behind the success of every student, there is a teacher.’ But what if the teacher is biased? This is a story of a girl named Sneha. Imagine a 6^th class girl have no friends , the reason behind it was that she don’t know how to talk to the children of her age as since childhood she only talked to her relatives who were either 4-5 years older or 4-5 years younger than her. So in her class although Sneha wanted to sit with her friend gossiping and enjoying every moment just like what others do, she always sat alone in her class. But in 7^th class everything wasn’t same ,when Sneha was sitting alone in her class 3 students came and asked Sneha ‘will you be my friend?’, she found it to be weird and thought what happened to them suddenly but without raising any second thought she said ‘yes’ as even she wanted to make friends. On that day in the afternoon all those 3 girls started to rat out about a girl named Ashra and as Sneha can’t bear being different out of the crowd, she also started saying all the bad stuff about Ashra. As on that day Sneha made 3 friends she went home happily. All the thoughts were attacking her mind; she thought that now she will be no more alone in her birthday, from now she will never sit alone in the class, etc. So many thoughts were striking on her mind, but Sneha’s happiness no longer existed till the next day came. In the morning when she reached her classroom she saw something terrible she saw that those 3 girls were coming towards her with Ashra. Ashra told her that she has sent those 3 girls to know what she feels about her. At that moment all the thing which she have planned were vanished. On that day she realized that ‘every hand is not a helping hand’. Then all 4 of them started bullying Sneha in front of the whole class. 2 girls named Asmita and Arunanshi (toppers of the class) raised voice against them and stopped them bullying Sneha. But those girls didn’t stopped and went to their class teacher ma’am who teaches Hindi to complain about Sneha and added few more words in their explanation. Their class teacher ma’am and their math’s teacher were very good friends. After that day neither Hindi’s nor Math’s teacher talked nicely to Sneha in good manner. They never let Sneha to participate in extra co-curricular activities, later their English’s teacher had also joined their group, and she always tried to find ways to embrace Sneha in front of the whole class. As the days went on, their English’s teacher was changed. Her Math’s as well as Hindi’s teachers were becoming ruder to Sneha day by day but Asmita and Arunanshi always supported Sneha and also helped Sneha a lot in her studies. When she was in 9^th class there was a Math’s competition in school. Asmita and Arunanshi motivated Sneha to take part in that competition. Sneha participated in that completion and not only stood first in the whole school but also received tab from her Math’s teacher. On that day her Math’s teacher congratulated her and from that day she always talked politely with Sneha and always helped her in solving her doubts. But there was no change in the behavior of her Hindi’s teacher. One more year passed on, now Sneha was in class 10^th a Hindi’s teacher of another section came and asked Sneha to participate in the Hindi declamation competition but Sneha was very bad at Hindi and she was also a very shy girl with low confidence and a stage fear but she wanted to make good bond with her Hindi’s teacher so she said yes to that teacher she just wanted to participate and let her confidence to win over fer fear and have not expected anything else but fortunately she got first prize in that declamation. On that day her Hindi’s teacher looked at her and slightly smiled, gave a chocolate to Sneha and said congratulations. I am Sneha and this story is all mine and while leaving the school after my 10^th class I realized that “everything is possible if we have will power to do that” and I posted my status writing “I need new haters, the old one became my friends.”


Raj Kumar Ram

Who am I ?

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Dhairya Sood

Life lessons

In a cozy yet breezy evening of summer 2020 who does not like a plate of their favorite delicacy? The same was the scenario when I had more than what was required to fill my stomach with, watching my favourite TV show and having this wholesome meal with my family seemed nothing extraordinary it was just a family of four enjoying what their mother had happily cooked for them, moreover in situations like this where everyone was locked up in their homes to fight the newly emerged world enemy, the Covid 19 Virus. Just as the ad break hit the screen my father changed the channel to a news giving one and that's when all the mouth watering taste simply faded, Migrant laborers and their plight had turned our comfort 180° what i saw had had such a lasting impact that i taught me the value of the food i had, the warmth of my house and my family that's when my perspective changed. Even they, the migrant laborers, were humans like us they had been walking all along to get to their hometowns, lack of food and hope filled my eyes with tears, and and having this wholesome meal with my family seemed anything but mundane. Now, my hands join to pray for forgiveness for any sin and thanking the almighty for all i have and will be able to achieve in the future. So let's radiate gratitude and kindness and most importantly value our lives. As Eckhart Tolle once said "Recognizing the already good present in our lives is the foundation of the infinite."

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