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Arya Khokhar

As you experience failure after failure, it seems next to impossible to keep going. Sometimes when you think you have been buried, but in reality you have been ....[Read Full Story]

 Arya Sharma

“Coming together is beginning, Staying together is progress and working together is success”But what if one of your team ....[Read Full Story]


It happens, we learn from our mistakes ". These were the words of my grandmother while defending 4 years old me when  ....[Read Full Story]

Dhairya Sood

"Science is the best." "All of them will be doctors and engineers, happily earning and filling up pockets." " ....[Read Full Story]

Guntas Grewal

I had this thing, that I really wanted to get into. I worked hard with utmost dedication, single-minded devotion, and everything....[Read Full Story]

Divya Bansal

My true story of struggle is not all about me.I should say that I hadn't struggled even 10% of my parents struggle . From start of my life I had  ....[Read Full Story]

Saurav suhag

I am an athlete and I used to practice in ground everyday. But from 20th March when there was an announcement ..[Read Full Story]

Niharika Sharma 

I'm from a middle-class-poor family! My father do keep me, my mommy, my sis all dominated walking in his shoes! My ....[Read Full Story]