Arya Khokhar


As you experience failure after failure, it seems next to impossible to keep going. Sometimes when you think you have been buried, but in reality you have been planted.  What I mean is that someone who is able to find the positive aspect and lay the steps to move through the failure is someone who is acutally an optimistic person and already one step closer to success. Most of us, however, accept the failure, move our path away from it, and work around it. It is not easy and I am still learning about what it takes to be optimistic after a failure. While it may vary from individual to individual and there is no set process, it is important for everyone to take control of their failures. For both major failures and for the small disappointments we all go through every now and then, it is the same process and mindset. I tend look at situations logically. I feel more comfortable, confident and secure facing a problem that I know I am prepared for than one thrown out of the blue. I tend to plan ahead and predetermine outcomes based on past experiences. The more prepared I am, the more optimistic I am. This way, while facing the problem, I don’t stress about what is going to happen. I am able to be more focused and this brings me closer to success. I was recently asked to write a prompt about a failure. While racking my brain for distinctive failures and analyzing them, I found myself discovering my own mindset and process. This not only helps me face my own problems, but also help my friends face theirs. I think that it is important to reflect on your failure and not just forget. If we all took the time to find their own process, we would all be one step closer to success by becoming the optimistic person we once thought was so hard to be.


Niharika Sharma

Life in hell, heaven in mind &later life!

I'm from a middle-class-poor family! My father do keep me, my mommy, my sis all dominated walking in his shoes! My grannie don't like me just 'cuz I'm a girl! I'm not given any freedom. We're not given any freedom right! My father do beat all of us. Life's more worst than hell in my case! But, I'm very witty! I'll keep sticked to my decisions, dreams & goals until I'll truly achieve them! I want to be a businesswoman, a model in future! I'm not allowed to wear short clothes, just 'cuz again I'm a girl! It's painful, my hairs are continuously falling off my scalp, I'm just about to go bald! Here's not a single motivator in my life, I don't know what to do, & I don't have the right to do anything new! But just I'm still alive & focused due to a single "HOPE" which says that "the multiverse is formed on 'HOPE' so, can't you your life"! I'll be successful and I want all the youth who do feel demotivated that " we've more of energy that's needed to make anything possible, don't worry! Just do!! "I've started working from now secretly on my dreams.. I'm doing some part-time jobs right now too! The same way you just start doing work for your dreams, and please Stop making bad habits your hustles like : smoking, alcohol etc etc etc! Hey! "Youth Power Campaign" I really Thank You for providing me youths like me such a wonderful opportunity to express our feelings! It keeps us motivated . I don't know that weather, I'll be winning this or not! But, I want every youth to listen my story and to get that ' everything's possible' . Things can be more worst than your situations, who knows that one is suffering from what! Don't bully anyone, don't judge anyone. Be kind to everyone you can! Then, GOD knows who really need it! I've suffered from Childhood bullying, sexual abuses and judgements a lot! I know the pain! It hurts a lot whenever you remember, but you're not alone who's suffering from anything bad! Let go what's happened focus on TODAY with a vision of FUTURE. We're needed to ho aware of all these things. And I want the govt. Of India to go more serious for "Domestic voilence & women protection"! Here's a hope always waiting for you in the dark, just be with yourself in every situation, trust & believe yourself! Then, see bad things will disappear forever slowly after a bit time from your life! My GOod wishes to the world!! God's always here .. 'cuz he do really help those who help themselves ️


Arya Sharma


“Coming together is beginning, Staying together is progress and working together is success” But what if one of your team member doesn’t cooperate? Whenever working in a team every team member’s effort is demanded. We were a team of three. We were asked to make a report of our different observations. Due to the pandemic the schools are shut we had to converse and work on online platform which was new to us which means that cooperation of each one was necessary. We had tight schedules but somehow we managed to discuss the things. The projects were equally divided among us, me and Neha did our projects with dedication but our other member didn’t. Whenever in the meeting she was always ready with a silly excuse for not doing her work. First three to four times we both pardoned her but she crossed the limits every time which made us both frustrated. One day in the meeting Neha asked her “have you done anything because there’s only short time left for submissions.” She awfully said “do you think I enjoy by not doing the work, I have some personal issues that’s why I am unable to do the things.” We both lost tempers and left the meeting immediately. I and Neha then had a talk we exhausted discussed that now it’s enough, we must complete her projects too so that our team’s dignity would not be damaged. We frustrated yet tried keeping ourselves calm completed her work too. Before the submissions we thought of sharing the report with the other girl although she wasn’t interested in giving her participation. After seeing the report she got embarrassed and apologized. This self- realization may not happen if we would have stayed frustrated and would have made decisions in a revenging way.


Divya Bansal


My true story of struggle is not all about me.I should say that I hadn't struggled even 10% of my parents struggle . From start of my life I had seen my mom dad doing hardwork , facing struggling issues of financial life with a lot of courage for their children welfare. My grandparents were not supportive to my parents and my dad was having no back support in business .He struggled and stood on his feets himself . I had seen my dad weeping internally as in he had drank sips of blood .I felt every emotion of my dad very closely as per his situation. But when I was in 10th class he past away because of heart attack. I and my family was trying to get out of the shock but on that I gave board exams and got 75% .My mom appriciated me alot. But my mom was the only earning member in my family after dad's demise. It became difficult to access all the expenses.So we became weak financially. My school teachers supported me in studies as they gave my school fees from their side , gave me books, extra classes. They boosted my moral litrelly . Thier pure and effective guidence improved my studies.Now In the era of Covid 19 I m preparing for 12th class board exams. With the blessings of my teachers , emotional support of my family I m trying to stand on my feets by glorifying my career .I m trying to be successful to support my mom as my father dreamt. I m thankful to God for giving such supportive teachers,parents ,guides in my life...




It happens, we learn from our mistakes ". These were the words of my grandmother while defending 4 years old me when I spilt the meal in excitement. Her mesmerizing eyes and intense face was a sight to behold. She was a perfect blend of grace and beauty. Being the youngest child I used to get most of her attention and pampering . She would tell me about angels and even called me one. When I moved away from my hometown her trembling hands held me as if she knew it'll be our last goodbye. Growing up as an introvert I barely had friends . When my grandmother passed away, I was too little to understand the harsh truth. I lost my godly friend forever. People say time heals but as I grew up I grieved her loss even more. Due to melancholy and anxiety, I couldn't relate with peers. My anxiety would make me run in circles, having no way to escape. Weekends and occasions were worse as memories would bring back nostalgia. When one of my relatives noticed my unusual behaviour, I had scrambled words to explain myself. I felt vulnerable yet relieved. After being victimized by my thoughts, I felt heard for the first time. He motivated me and insisted on reading novels and Journalise what I felt. A forced task eventually turned into a pleasing hobby. Weekends are still quiet and I still don't have friends but I enjoy my solitude. Meditation, yoga and novels helped me to become a better version of myself. It's about accepting yourself regardless of your flaws and knowing you're worthy of everything you dreamed of. Some scars never fade but I'll always cherish the inseparable bond with my grandmother.....


Saurav Suhag

Optimism during Covid times 

I am an athlete and I used to practice in ground everyday. But from 20th March when there was an announcement for Janta curfew on 22nd March and later on as the situations changed due to COVID-19 and the period of lockdown increase and then I realised that my practice had been affected by the lockdown then I decided to continue my practice at home. I started doing exercises, skipping rope and stairs at home to continue my practice so that the lockdown and COVID-19 wouldn't affect my practice which I earlier do in the ground.I also kept myself in touch with my coach sir with mobile phones.I kept myself stress free by watching television and playing indoor games with my brother. I also learned about Ramayana and Mahabharata on television started by government on Doordarshan channel.To keep my studies in pace I started learning by watching videos on YouTube and I also take help from my brother to clear my concepts.By doing all this I keel myself fit and stress free during lockdown


Dhairya Sood

Different paths

"Science is the best." "All of them will be doctors and engineers, happily earning and filling up pockets." "But why? There is no future." "What 92% and still humanities?" "There is so much scope in Science, dear." "No one in our family has done this before." I was pushed over the edge of tranquility, falling down to confusion and self-doubt. Was I the doing right thing by taking the road yet not taken or I just aspired off my limits? The cacophony of my so-called contentious decision about choosing humanities as my future spread far and wide like wild fire stirring all the dried leaves of extended family, soon superfluous counseling for taking science flustered my ears and mind. Being inside this targeted mayhem none of the eyes surrounding me intended to glance in my heart where my feelings were left suppressed and my words unvocalised. It was time to step down from the treadmill of life running but reaching nowhere, it was time that I walked 5 miles down through the lane of my memories there I see myself my hands folded, within them rests a shivering body and yet with his bright eyes and wagging tail it felt as if he just belonged to me, i took that puppy home, bandaged his injured leg and fed him warmth in a blanket just like that with a small episode of sheer kindness and love 5 years glided away and now he is my closest friend, Bruno, licked my hand as I came back to my senses, this was what I loved my happiness defines me by caring for those who don't speak but express so much more to people. So did I just aspired off my limits? The answer was Yes, I am, aspiring limitless, humanities giving me those wings to fly high and break that glass ceiling. Here I am a student of the most feared stream in the country planning to join an NGO. This is my story and I shall keep writing it.

Guntas Grewal

Tussling with hope

I had this thing, that I really wanted to get into. I worked hard with utmost dedication, single-minded devotion, and everything a person would do to achieve the thing they are most desirous of. I was hopeful, excited, and anxious, all at once. It was my first attempt and I failed. Left disappointed and shocked. So, I have two more chances. It was my second attempt and I failed, again. Very disappointed and low. Many kids who hadn’t sweated and worked got in and many of those who did were left out. Left with the last chance, the only chance. I was both desperate and hopeful. I mean, I deserve it more than anyone else. It was the third attempt and I failed, for the last time. Broken. Hopeless. I felt so worthless, that I lost the little confidence that was left in me. To think, that I had spent years struggling and bleeding for it. And what has it amounted to? Low self-confidence and pessimism. This was the time when I lost all hope. Maybe this was my stopping point; how can I drive ahead when the road has been blocked. But is it really blocked? I did everything that I could, so why didn’t I get it? Maybe, this wasn’t the path I was destined for. The omnipresent has written a beautiful story for you. And it is indeed beautiful. Maybe, this wasn’t a part of mine. But I do have a story and I have so much to achieve in it. Hope is for suckers. You hope for stuff, if it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped it would, you get hurt. But, if you don’t hope for anything, what will you ever get? Hope is the one thing that you can use as much as you want to. Hope, hope for good things, and eventually, they will come to you. So, I have my tussles with hope, but it doesn’t leave me and neither do I. And I plan to hold on to it, for all the years to come.


Juky Chen Wei Ling


Being fresh-off-the-boat studying in NY after six months, I became sick emotionally, socially, and mentally. It all starts with my departure from Brazil to attend an exchange program in the US. At that time, I did not speak English even though there are some similarities with Portuguese. Just to let you get a glimpse of my English level, I could not understand the meaning of the most juvenile greeting, "What's up!" The first time when someone greeted me with that expression, I would spend a good time figuring out what was above my head. Due to my language barrier, I did not have a chance to make friends. Everythings was atrocious and uncertain. But one thing that I was 100% sure of is that I had to learn English (a mandatory tool to build my success in this new world).  I really want to tell this story because I know that there are a lot of people that would resonate with me. I want to reveal what is truly possible for 15 years old in a completely foreign world. Challenges are not challenges if you treat them as games that will help you grow and learn. This is one of the lessons that I have learned these two years.


Aayushi Sharma


My family initially comprised of me, my mother, my father, and my brother. At the early stages of my childhood, my father used to be an MR. My dad switched jobs frequently due to his egoistic personality. Due to this, my family and I traveled to a lot of places so that my father could seek out jobs. My dad had an orthodox mentality. As a result, I could never do anything like a normal child. He was overprotective, dominant, and harsh. My dad never treated us like family. He used to insult my mom in the presence of outsiders even. In February 2019, my family moved to Kharar. By now, my dad had turned into a sadistic person. He deliberately inflicted pain on me and my mom. My brother was always safe as according to him, the son is always the superior child. My father used to beat my mother up for incidents that never happened. For example, one day he beat her mercilessly on the pretext that she had tried to snatch my brother from him, while nothing like that had happened. The neighbors intervened and saved my mom. I was there when this happened. I was also the victim of his beatings. My injuries weren't that serious but my mother's injuries were. In spite of this, he chose to ignore all of it and refused to take mom to the hospital. I treated her myself. The very next day, my father called his brother and mother. My paternal uncle is a drunkard and a drug addict. He tried to molest my mom but she escaped with injuries in her lower abdomen. After 19 years of torture, one day my mother lost her courage. So, under tremendous pressure, she tried to attempt suicide. I called my maternal aunt who lived nearby and luckily help arrived and my mother was saved. My dad and his brother fled from the scene. A lot of other incidents like my father forcing us out of the house and mentally torturing me into giving a false legal sentence against my mother also happened but from these incidents, I learned to grow stronger and more independent. Initially, I faced a lot of problems handling my distorted emotional state but, I got better at it. It taught me to fight back and never give up. As a result, when I finally got to know about it, I was broken and disappointed. Slowly and steadily, after crying myself to sleep all those nights, I finally realized that none of this was my fault. I got better and now I don't feel ashamed of this like I felt before.

Raj Kumar