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Arin Gupta


I was thinking of writing my thoughts from two weeks and finally I am able to write because today is the last date. Yes! I would like to talk about something which we all have experienced and done before, that is procrastination. In this our mind, kind of goes in auto-pilot mode in which we do those things which we enjoy rather than doing those things which we should do and are more beneficial to us. Procrastination do allow us to complete our work, but what if there is no deadline of doing a particular work? For e.g. I am thinking of writing a book from two years and I have written three chapters by far. So with heavy heart I am proclaiming that it doesn’t matter whether we enjoy 30 days and did our work on the last day with some obvious anxiety like “what if it isn’t completed on time?”, what do matter is that we have made a balanced schedule where we work and enjoy. Also things which are done after procrastination aren’t of great quality.(I still hope my 'story' have chances) Psychology says procrastination leads to anxiety, stress and depression etc. and it forms a viscous cycle which is very hard to break. Instead of going in all this boring stuff I would dive straight into stuff which I think might be helpful for you. I stand to disagree that this cycle is very hard to break. Everyone can counter procrastination by following some things. 1.Start rewarding yourself with things you like doing after completing a work before deadline. 2.Make a target(it should be realistic) for a day and make it your sacred deadline and think of how it will be great to have an ice-cream after doing that work. I think it will be enough. Just remember if you are a master procrastinator then always ‘procrastinate’ procrastination.;) (Writer's Note: As you may have noticed that writer is an experienced procrastinator and so it was done in hurry )


Ishika Chandra


It was September of 2020, my teacher was talking about the project that she was going to give us a project that was worth 100 points. Weeks went by, I still hadn’t even looked at the project. Then the day before it was due, I looked at it, I started it, and then on the activity that I thought was the last, I got distracted. There was this new video out on YouTube, from my favorite YouTuber. Then after school, I realized that I hadn’t finished the project, I finished the last part. Then I realized that there were 6 more parts, I panicked, it took me so long to just do just 1 part. I realized that it was probably not a great idea to wait until the last day to do a huge project and it was an even worse idea to not do it during the whole day because now I would have to spend a lot of time doing it after school when I could have done a lot of other things. I spent a long time finishing the project. I have procrastinated many times, most of the time because I didn’t want to do all of the work at that time or because I wasn’t in the mood. It is not good to procrastinate because you will have to do a lot of work at one time, and doing all the work that you should be doing over a long time at once is very hard and stressful especially when they are due soon.

Vani Sood.JPG

Vani Sood


Have you ever gone through a phase where you just keep delaying your work till the time when it can't be delayed any further? Probably, yes. This is something that affects mankind as a whole. I, for one, like to complete my work well in time. But since the pandemic has hit us, things have truly changed but not necessarily for the better. Starting off, I had my tuitions and in the initial days of the lockdown, I was energised to start my Class 11 with full hope and enthusiasm. I completed all my asssignments well within the deadlines and I was also doing pretty well in my tests. But as the time went by, I started to feel lazy which meant that most of my work had started to get delayed, My assignments started getting piled up, my notebooks had to be completed, in short, a lot had to be done. I procrastinated my work, whenever I used to do it I just couldn’t focus on it and ended up doing nothing. More and more time passed and I was a lot behind my schedule. Then one day when i was just scrolling the videos on youtube, i came across this TED talk on Procrastination, I literally saw my resemblance in the video. It was high time and I knew I had to redirect my energy on something positive. I revived my hobby of reading. After completing one book, I had a sense of accomplishment, which was enough to boost my morale. Then came the new year, 2021, and I thought that this was the perfect time to change myself into a better me. I started to make a to-do list and had short term goals.This way i have achieved a lot till now but i have a long way to go. This is a HUGE achievement for me. I also hope that this new year brings all the joy and MOTIVATION to all of your lives which helps you achieve all your goals and may you revive your hobbies which you may have left because of time constraints. I have learnt my lesson - time doesn’t wait for anyone and we need to make the most of it.

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