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Lakshay Kumar


Some years back when i was in 9th class i was very careless about my studies . I used to play video games and watch movies and go out playing with my friends the whole day . There was no such great stress in the begining of the session . Till the mid term papers also i did not study and still i was able to get a good percentage of marks . But slowly after that as more and more syllabus was being covered not studying started showing itself . During any oral test in class i was afraid that i know very less about the topics being asked . But still tere was no great improvement in my studies . Then came a day when i had a math test just 2 months before the final exam . I got 0/10 in that test . Till now i was thinking that i can still get a good percentage while playing games and watching movies . Now the truth came in front . That day i decided to work hard . That whole day i did not play any video game and did not watch any movie and did not go out for playing . I was in very much stress because of my results . From the next day onwards i started studying seriously . I completely left games and movies and studies the whole day . All the day i was continuously studying at that time . This went on till the exams . When the results came i first saw the marks in maths . I had scored 98/100 in maths . I secured 2nd position in class and that day i realised that hard work never fails


Shreshtha Saini

Building Resilience 

Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Being resilient does not mean that people don’t experience stress, emotional upheaval, and suffering. Rather it is an inner trait which helps them adapt to the changing situation and keep moving forward. Floating down the river of time, each one of us meet our own set of obstacles, hurdles and difficulties. How we overcome them or deal with them is based on our resilience .When I was in class 6 , I failed in one of my unit exams. After this I was completely shattered. But somehow I gained the courage to get up again and start working. Since then everyday I woke up with the same purpose in my life which was to be one amongst the toppers of my batch. I was resilient to do this and nothing could hold me back. During this time period I had a lot of negative emotions. But I understood that we can cultivate to stay focused on the important things in life and how to keep ourselves away from negative emotions by being resilient and the key to being resilient is to make peace with the past so that it doesn’t mess up with the present . The outcome of this effort was what I expected to be. I got good grades and secured good position in my class. This incident boosted my self confidence and gave me self satisfaction.

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