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Avni Rastogi

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the government around the world has closed all the educational institutions to control the ....[Read Full Story]


 Inayat Kapoor

In our daily routine we all are used to a few things ,and it is sometimes difficult for us to bring about a change in our normal life ....[Read Full Story]


Manya Jaswal

Education is one of the most important part in individual’s life. Which is one of the reasons why it brings ....[Read Full Story]


 Naina Kaushal

Today in this highly competitive world students face various academic problems including exam stress ....[Read Full Story]

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Eshan Batta

Academic stress refers to continuously lagging behind in studies and even not able to concentrate in  ....[Read Full Story]


Nahve Goyal

Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or practice peace. School education is very important ....[Read Full Story]


Nikhil Verma

Once upon a time, there was a child. He was very bright and intelligent as a student and became  ....[Read Full Story]


Nidhi Kamboj

 I was always got stressed before the exams start but now I am able to manage my stress. As now I have ..[Read Full Story]


 Sagar Rai

Can only students have academic stress? No, here's how. When I first saw my new in-charge Ms Renu Bhalla, I was being punished ....[Read Full Story]



 We all can be courageous if we learn to establish victory over our fears. If we want to overcome our fears, we have to discuss.[Read Full Story]

Yashita Jindal .jpg

Yashita Jindal

 Covid 19 outbreak has been a bolt from the blue in 2020.The education sector is among the worst affected due to this pandemic ..[Read Full Story]



Nowadays academic stress is common among students for example; exam related stress, syllabus related, projects ..[Read Full Story]


Khushi Aggarwal

 Academic stress is nowadays a common thing but it can be dreadful too. Speaking of academic stress, honestly it changed my life a lot....[Read Full Story]


Kanan Sood

I would like to share my story on stress It was really a miserable day. Because I am feeling really stressful and sad ...[Read Full Story]



During my junior year of my high school, my teachers really started piling on the work. It was common for me to have ...[Read Full Story]

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