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Avni Rastogi

Academic Stress

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the government around the world has closed all the educational institutions to control the spread of disease, which has created a direct impact on students, educators and institutions. The sudden shift from the physical classroom to virtual space is creating a disruption among students. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the smooth rhythm of Class 10th and 12th board examinations as well. Since the majority of online learning requires intense self-discipline and even more intense self-direction, students who thrive on routine and direction could find online learning lacking. Without the on-campus interactions with educators, clubs and sports, and other students, many students can feel isolated. Just remember that your classes may now be virtual. You may have returned home, where you’re missing friends and finding studies difficult. You’re probably feeling anxious, sad and uncertain. These feelings are normal. And there are ways to lessen your stress. Establish a routine. Get up, go to bed and do your work at the same time every day. Frequent breaks can help you re-engage in your work. Even something as simple as turning on your webcam during virtual classes can help you and others feel more connected. Everybody, I repeat “everybody” has been badly shaken in these five to six months. Their momentum disrupted, confidence shaken, focus destroyed, discipline lost and all the progress made seems reversed. When I say everybody I mean everybody. So in a way it’s even. The point I want to make is that these few months of class 10th will matter. These last few days are your chance irrespective of how good or bad has your preparation been till now. What you do from now is going to be the reason whether you make it or not. Go for it, all of you! Let COVID-19 not decide your future!


Nikhil Verma

A Teenager's Perception Of Academic Stress

Once upon a time, there was a child. He was very bright and intelligent as a student and became even brighter as he grew up. After passing out of school, he got into one of the most prestigious colleges in the country and later got a job accompanied by a fat cheque and he lived happily ever after. Whenever a child is born, this is what is expected of him by his parents, his relatives and of course, the society. I will not say that it was any different for me. Ever since I started going to school, I have been told by my parents and teachers alike that the only path to success is to study hard. What success actually means has always been a mystery to me. Does it mean a fat paycheck? Or does it mean you are content with what you are? Nobody has ever bothered to answer these questions of this confused boy. So, with this correlation between studies and success engraved in my mind, I set upon my journey as a student with only one goal, to study hard and become successful without caring what it means. As I grew up and started looking at the place, I went to study every day, I saw a certain rigidity in its structure. I saw that even though a boy or girl might be good in a certain area, he would never be considered a good student and deemed worthy of growing great in life unless he good in studies. A kid good in sports was never called a good student and a good sportsman but was categorised as a kid who is wasting away important years of his life in useless pursuits. Similarly, a child who had strong speaking skills was never called a good student but was shamed as someone who never attended his classes and would while away his time preparing for some random declamation competitions. I also had a fair share of similar shaming and chastisements, but I never bothered myself with them as I had got too large a helping of them. But what was more troubling and intriguing for me was that the greatest people of our time, the leaders, the social workers, the entrepreneurs, the politicians and even some famous scientists had never been acclaimed for their brightness as a student. On the contrary, these people would have passed as very mediocre or in some cases, below-average students. But these mediocre and below-average kids are now the most respectable figures in today’s world. So, does it mean that our modern-day schools have become too rigid in their outlook or does it mean that our schools are not capable of analysing a student’s strengths beyond studies? Perhaps, I shall never know. The people I have asked this question say that adolescents get these twisted ideas because of their hormonal imbalances and that I am too arrogant to believe that the fault is in me and not in the system. Perhaps, the fault is truly in me and I simply don’t wish to believe it. But what I do know is that this FAULT is in too many kids nowadays. A fault might occur in one or two, but if a large proportion of kids think that the education system is too narrow-minded and conservative in its outlook of an ideal student, there is a big problem somewhere, and it must be fixed. Or maybe, my adolescent brain is overthinking things too much, who knows?


Manya Jaswal

Academic stress during the pandemic

Education is one of the most important part in individual’s life. Which is one of the reasons why it brings a lot of stress. The academic performance plays an important role in the life of a student and in deciding their future. A lot of times students end up putting a lot of pressure on themselves in order to increase their academic performance. This results in a large amount of stress in the students life. Every student goes through a phase in their school life where this academic stress takes a toll on them. As a student even I have been through this academic stress. The stress to achieve good grades, to do good in extra activities, to find some time to pursue my hobbies. This stress or stress of any kind can lead to insomnia, change in eating habits and it can give you anxiety. The same thing happened to me during my previous exams. The stress made it hard to sleep at night which caused a lot of fatigue during the day, the change in eating habits led to me feeling sick. All these problems eventually lead to loss of concentration in studies and hence more stress. During the exams I tried to get enough sleep and eat at the right time which helped me in concentrating in class and also focus better on my hobbies and extra activities. It also made me realise that academic stress only leads to bad performance and it is always better to make a schedule on how to do your studies as well as pursue your hobbies.


 Inayat Kapoor

Academic Stress

In our daily routine we all are used to a few things ,and it is sometimes difficult for us to bring about a change in our normal life style. As according to psychology it demands from us to prepare our mindsets and to adapt to that change. It may up a lot of pain in order to evolve our habits and to handle things differently. This Covid pandemic has been just like a journey for all of us . where we all have, had different experiences according to our profession, our age and our lifestyle and much more. So here I am specifying myself to the life of CBSE student, studying in class 12. The one who absolutely loves to go to school, make new friends, be a part of different events and to organise them as a part of school core team. The student whose life revolves around the school. And when this Covid-19 pandemic became a part of our lives and brought up a complete turn over in our school life and academic routine. This shift to online classes has not been easy. Neither for teachers nor for students. But gradually as the time passed and afer gaining a lot of experience, we were able to cope up and were able to shift our studies properly on this online platform. This being the last year of the school, my all time resolution was to be a part of all the competitions and events and to strike up a good balance with studies. But as the story continues, the online classes were meant only for academics. But, later on guess what our school came up with event ' Prahelika' inclusive of various events which were conducted online. Now we celebrate and enjoy various events all together through this online platform. This time has also given us all a great opportunity to explore more. At last, I have learnt that we are human beings, up with optimistic vision and should learn to adapt ourselves in different circumstances and should live to the fullest.


Naina Kaushal

Academic Stress

Today in this highly competitive world students face various academic problems including exam stress, disinterest in attending classes and the inability to understand a subject which leads the child towards academic stress. So in simple words academic stress refers to the response of the body towards academic related demands that exceeds adaptive capabilities of students. Excessive levels of academic stress can result in an increased prevalence of physical problems like depression, anxiety, nervousness and stress related disorders which in return can affect their academic results. One of the main effect of academic stress is depression. Nowadays depression is becoming the most common mental health problem; especially college student suffer from it. It is also a reflection of an individual’s academic frustration, academic conflict, academic anxiety and academic pressure. Due to academic stress some of the students fall Prey into bad means like suiciding. In my case I was in second class I thought I have a lot of stress literally I used the word stress. I thought that there is a lot of homework, why they are exams and I was wrong; actually I was not managing my time properly that's why I thought so.When I discussed this with my mother she was surprised but then she calmed me down and told me where I was mistaken and that I have to do time management and schedule my games and study time. Then I was able to overcome my stress, not actually stress my mistake. In my case, my mother explained me but if in case there was some other parent, might have scolded his or her child. I want to say that one of the main reason of academic stress is parental pressure. Due to the constant pushing of the student by the parents in order to perform better in both academics and extra-curricular activities, some children develop deep rooted nervous disorders during their childhood. In a study conducted on 190 students from grade 11 to 12 from 3 private schools in Kolkata and 3 government aided school, it was found out that almost two-thirds of the students experience pressure from their parents to perform better academic. In India every hour student commits suicide. As it is said that every coin has two sides, so like this only there are some ways to reduce academic stress. First way to overcome academic stress is by exercising daily because exercising and playing sports reduces depression and stress. Create a proper schedule that will help you manage your academic and other activities. Surround yourself with positive people always. Eating healthy increases positive thoughts and positive thoughts decrease stress. Be healthy and think positive.

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Eshan Batta

Academic Stress

Academic stress refers to continuously lagging behind in studies and even not able to concentrate in studies. Everyone faces a time period when he or she suffers from Academic stress due to innumerable reasons but our main motive should be getting relieved out of this academic stress. Academic stress among students have long been researched on, and researchers have identified stressors as too many assignments, competitions with other students, failures and poor relationships with other students or lecturers Academic stressors include the student 's perception of the extensive knowledge base required and the perception of an inadequate time to develop it. When one is unavailable to score good Marks then he is pressured under Academic stress. Hs hopes are also shattered into pieces he almost gets stressed but just needs a push and a great start ahead to come back again, prove himself and not only survive the stress but also come as an inspiration and a solution for the younger aspirants who face the similar problem and just need a motivational and inspirational person who once suffered and solved the existing problem. Academic stress can also be seen in students who don’t score well and are regularly compared with one or the other classmates and is being regularly monitored and well as taunted either by his friends or family relatives just because he doesn’t score good marks. A person should be relatively defined by his character not his marks, grades or position he stands in the class. Children need to learn how to ignore the distractors and face the problem with confidence and positivity to win. Alan bloom Said “Education is the movement from Darkness to light “. It’s easy to push a 90 marker student to 100 But difficult to push a 10 marker to 50.


Nahve  Goyal

Academic Stress

Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or practice peace. School education is very important part in

Individual’s life and is also a turning point in academic life. At this stage the academic performance of a student plays a crucial role in deciding the next level of their education, which in turn shape their career. An excess of academic stress during this stage can result in adverse effects that are far reaching and prolonged. According to the most high school students, their greatest academic stress include tests, grades, homework, academic and achievement expectations and parental pressure. School related stress include inadequate instructional methods, teacher-student relationships, heavy academic workload, poor physical classroom environments, inability to balance one’s leisure time with school and disorganization surrounding academic assignments and schedules. At this phase of time when COVID has taken its place, we students do not have to attend the school, examination and more. At the front side of the coin this is our advantage but at a longer point of view, this is our disadvantage only. These have become the routine of all of students by becoming a new normal. Talking about me, I have coped up with this exposure from a very varied point of view. From the starting I had decided to be my own teacher by making test, revision schedules and implementing them. Every situation leads to a problem but dealing with it is the difference of mankind.


Nidhi Kamboj

How I overcome academic stress

I was always got stressed before the exams start but now I am able to manage my stress . As now I have started doing some exercises and meditation and it helped me a lot to reduce my stress . And also I have started spending much more time with myself so that I can know myself more and I have gained many hobbies just because of it. And also I have started to find happiness in every single/small thing which is the best way to reduce stress. I know it's common to be stressed during the academic year because we think its the time to show our ability but we should stop this and start focusing on our hobbies and should tell ourselves that a report card can not predict or represent our future. We should manage our academic stress and should create our future.


Sagar Rai


Can only students have academic stress? No, here's how. When I first saw my new in-charge, Ms Renu Bhalla, I was being punished as I was fighting with my classmate. My class was full of naughty students. At the time of attendance, no one was present in the classroom. She always waited for our arrival. We brought with us knives and slaggers instead of pens or books. She used to taught us mathematics. But with what? The blackboard was half-broken, chair wasn't there, table was in a bad situation. My class wasn't good at anything. Everytime my class delayed to submit weekly reports. Due to our misbehaviour, she had to get scolded by the principal. I remember the day when she remained at school to complete the presentation. She was very stressed. After examinations, she decided to play a prank on us. When we entered the class, lights turned off automatically. The chalk began to move, chair began to fly, we all were scared. Actually, it was due to the projector. Suddenly lights turned on and Ms Renu came and told us that an old man lives in our school who hates bad kids. On that day, as we were scared, we pledged to be good kids. Ms Renu wasn't a teacher, she was a magician. It was due to her that we made our class to stand first in every competition. She proved that, by believing in ourself, we can overcome any stress.

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