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Academic Stress

We all can be courageous if we learn to establish victory over our fears. If we want to overcome our fears, we have to discuss our problems with ourselves or someone else. In my case, They were my parents. One day, My school called mom that your child, studying in KG class, is suffering from chest pain. So, kindly take her home. Mumma picked me up and went back home. She is a doctor and knew well that chest pain can take place due to either acidity (which can be a result of intake of bad sort of food and this was not the reason) or anxiety. She analyzed that I was in tension. She asked me about what happened and at last I confessed that it was due to the fear of maths. It was my test that day and I wasn't prepared. She shared a story from the Mahabharata when Gandhari took off her blindfold to help duryodhana. Her motive was to teach me to share everything. She said that whenever I feel stuck, my parents are always there for me. So, Whenever I face problem, I take help of my parents who try their level best. This incident seems so small but brought great changes in me. If this small problem wasn't solved then, it might have weakened my personality. So, consider each problem as important. Whatever I have learnt, I share it on my blog, The Inspiring Ved. Sharing is indeed so much helpful.

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Yashita Jindal

Academic Stress  due to COVID-19

Covid 19 outbreak has been a bolt from the blue in 2020.The education sector is among the worst affected due to this pandemic. The Government decided to temporarily shut down the educational institutions in an attempt to truncate its widespread. Toiling hard to adapt myself to the new lifestyle was not a cakewalk. The education system changed from classroom learning to virtual learning. I decided to pursue non medical stream and commenced my journey as an Eleventh grade student. In the beginning I considered e-learning to be a low-hanging fruit. Little did I know what was coming my way. Unlike classroom milieu, I was reluctant and ignoramus towards my studies. This transformed me into a sluggard. However one fortnight test was enough to shape me out of my lethargy. I realised that I had lost my focus and got distracted. Thenceforth I decided to strain every nerve to embrace success. I enhanced my study hours. Having burnt the midnight oil to get hold on the concepts of each subject, I finally gained confidence. I practiced hard to overcome my weaknesses. Looking past , I realise that it was daunting to endure such an arduous journey. At times I went astray but my mentors redirected me to persevere. E-learning is indeed stressful, long hours in front of screen affected my physical and mental health. After having experienced this grave pandemic situation, I have learnt to embrace what life has in its treasure for us. I discovered how to be the best version of myself. I have learned more from adversity than I could’ve ever learned from pleasure.



Academic Stress  

Nowadays academic stress is common among students for example; exam related stress, syllabus related, projects and all. As a student we all face it and this year it increases a lot, specially for students who are in board classes. But my boards had passed away and I feel quite lucky about it. Sometimes I thought that without teachers and school what would I have done , virtual classes were there but that can't match the real classes, students sitting in front of teacher in the classroom without any glitches, asking their doubts and the most important thing with discipline. Like coin have two sides, this pandemic also had two aspects, the only difference is that how people take this upon themselves, positively or negatively. And I think that it had changed my life a lot, I had read and listen a lot of motivational, life changing and true stories and thoughts and learnt how to live our life free of stress. Stress was on next level when my board exams were there, then my parents supported me and told me that if you have done hard work then no need to take tension because fruit of hard work is always sweet because the key to success is hard work and complete faith in God, as a result I was able to score good. Therefore, we should be confident and courageous, spending time with family and never allow stress to enter our mind.


Khushi Aggarwal

Academic Stress  

Academic stress is nowadays a common thing but it can be dreadful too. Speaking of academic stress, honestly it changed my life a lot. 2 years back I used to be the topper of the school and scored the highest in each and every test. Everyone thought I was an excellent child and thus all the people around me be it my parents, relatives or teachers had high expectations and hopes for me. So, in order to stand up to their expectations, I worked very hard for every test. And after sometime, it became like a burden. I was always stressed. There was a time that I was so obsessed with my marks that I literally forgot that there was something beyond marks and academics too. I had no one whom I call a good friend. I felt so lonely. At the age when kids enjoy their lives, I was struggling with my academic stress and tension. I was always feeling angry and frustrated. But if at that time my parents wouldn’t have understood my condition, I would have wasted my precious years just for some few numbers and certificates. They sensed that something was wrong with me. They talked to me, consoled me, helped me to get out of that phase. My teachers and friends also helped me a lot in coming back to normal. I was no longer alone. It was at that time when I realised that numbers are not important and many people do have expectations on you but don’t think of them as burdens. Academics is also important but not than you yourself. As of now, I am doing good in my studies but fortunately without any stress. What is more important is to do your best without any stress or fear.


Kanan Sood

Academic Stress

I would like to share my story on stress It was a really a miserable day because I am feeling really stressful and sad. I thought In my mind I thought that I would do not future And I will not achieve my goal what I had decide. In fact, I would cry all the time and would cannot diverte my mind in anything else and I also cannot concentrate on my studies. I would really thought that all my friends, classmates would succeeded in the life and I 'll Would be a failure. And then my family and brother has dealt to me to overcome this situation. My brother always supported me and would encourage encourage that I can do anything in a very well manner. I can secure good marks in all the subjects. I had do not do the competition with anyone. And my family also do the same they told to not to take any tension and be happy and do things in a great way. So I understood that by taking stress I would not do anything but by staying in happy mood. I can do anything in a very simple manner . And so from that day I told to myself I would not to do any competition from anyone that they are best and I am not told to me that I am best and I can do anything that no other can else do. This is is my experience or struggle from stress I hope that this story can also motivate any other person also



"Give your stress wings And let it fly away."

....During my junior year of my high school, my teachers really started piling on the work. It was common for me to have three or four tests in one day, as well as homework from every classes I had that particular day. Towards the end of the year, the workload became increasingly burdensome. I remember one morning, the volcano of stress that had been building up inside me for the entire school year finally erupted. What I remember is I had been up until 2 a.m. studying for several difficult tests and finishing a project that I should have started a month beforehand. Unfortunately for me, my sister happened to set with me off. She started teasing me by making some minor comments on my stressful situation. And I ended up saying her angrily that "It's my life and I will do my work however I want to." My actual rhetoric was not quite as pleasant, but basically all of my feelings of stress and worry about my grades and school work that I had bottled up inside me all year came out that morning. Afterwards I really did feel better. In the future though I will try my best to deal with my stress gradually, instead of letting it fester inside of me until I no longer control it. Also next time when I feel like I am going to snap, I might avoid unleashing my rage upon innocent bystanders....

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