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Stories help us feel a greater sense of connection to one another. They can increase our empathy and often help reinforce our highest ideals, such as compassion and kindness.

When we connect, our brain releases “oxytocin” often known as the “bonding” or “love” hormone, and our mirror neurons get activated which leads us to feel the same emotions when we read an author's story, as an author writing his/her story.


Stories are the perfect concoction to please both sides of the brain (the left and right side). The cohesive structure that holds the story together stimulates the right brain. As a result, more of our brain is at work and the increased neural activity helps us make more connections between the information presented and our existing knowledge. Thus, stories make it easier for us to integrate new information into our lives.

We encourage all of you from different cultures and backgrounds to share your stories on different topics from fear, bravery, bullying, habits, racism, sexism, competitions, academic stress and COVID-19 stress, and many more through any channel and language, small informal talks, write-ups, or structured presentations for Good Mental Health!

Watch or Read others' personal stories on different topics!

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